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That is open for Opinion, but Vladislav Tretiak was the 1980 Soviet goaltender for the Miracle on Ice, thought to be the best goaltender in the world at his time..

Evgeni Nabokov, Nikolai Khabibulin are two recent goalies that could be thought of as well

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Ilya Nikolayevich Bryzgalov

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Q: Who was the last Russian goalie to win a Stanley cup?
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What goalie has not won a Stanley cup?

martin brodour

Best goalie to not win a Stanley cup?

I think it is Ladanian Tomlinson

Which NHL goalie introduced the poke check?

Stanley H. Cup

Which goalie led the Red Wings to the 1998 Stanley Cup?

Chris Osgood

What is the name of the first Russian goalie to win the Stanley Cup?

Alexander Mogilny (Past)Nikolai Kulemin (Present)Both are the only Russian Leafs to score 30- or more goals in a season.

Which goalie backed up Patrick Roy during the 1993 Stanley Cup finals?

#37 Andre Racicot.

Who was in goal for Tampa Bay when they won the Stanley cup?

Nikolai Khabibulin was the goalie for the Tampa bay Lightning in 2004.

Who is the youngest Russian player to win the Stanley Cup?

Sergi federov

When was the last time Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup?

To date, they have never won the Stanley Cup.

When is the last time the ducks went to the Stanley cup?

The Ducks went to and won the Stanley Cup in 2007.

When the last time the Stanley cup was in Canada?

The last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup was the Montreal Canadians, during the 1992,93 season.

When is the last time Ottawa won a Stanley cup?

They haven't won a Stanley Cup yet. Actually the last time Ottawa won the Stanley Cup was in 1927 and before that it was 1923, with multiple wins before that.