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Mats Naslund Mats Naslund

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Stephane Richer - 1990

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Vincent Dampousse

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Q: Who was the last Montreal Canadiens player to score 100 points?
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Who is the first Montreal Canadiens player to score a goal on a penalty shot?

Pierre Dagenais

What does the Montreal Canadiens announcer say when they score?

C'est les beaux

Who was the last Montreal Canadiens to score 50 goals?

Stephen richer

Who did the Montreal canadiennes play on may 3-1986?

There is no team called the Montreal Canadiennes. The Montreal Canadiens, however were playing Game 2 of the 1986 Wales Conference Finals on May 3, 1986. Final score: Montreal Canadiens 6 New York Rangers 2.

Who was the first NHL player to score a hat trick in his first professional game?

Alex Smart of Montreal Canadiens in 1943. Real Cloutier and Fabian Brunnstrom have matched that mark.

Are the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple leafs rivals?

Yes!! Very much. I'm a Leafs fan and I'm always checking the score when they play Montreal, more than any other team.

What was the score in the first game in the NHL?

Game one had the Montreal Wanderers defeat the Toronto Arenas, 10-9 and saw Dave Ritchie of Montreal score the first goal in NHL history, an event that was witnessed by a lowly 700 fans.In the second game the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Ottawa Senators, 7-4.

Is Kobe Bryant the youngest player to score 25000 points?

Yes Kobe Bryant is the youngest player in the NBA to score 25000 points.

What is the highest scoring NHL all-star game?

The highest scoring Maple Leafs game was against the Montreal Canadiens. It was the Toronto St. Patrick's (now known as the Leafs) vs Montreal Canadiens. Final Score: 14-7 Montreal wins!!

How are the final points awarded in scrabble?

By adding the points of the remaining tiles, which was subtracted from the rest of the players' individual scores, to the score of the player who had used all of his/her tiles. The player with the highest score wins.

Who was the first NHL coach to pull the goalie from a game?

I'm assuming here you mean pulling a goalie at the end of a game for an extra attacker. If so, it was first done by Boston Bruins coach Art Ross in the second game of a playoff series against the Canadiens on March 26, 1931. Bruins didn't score with the extra attacker and Montreal didn't get an empty net goal. The game ended in a 1-0 score for Canadiens.

Which San Francisco player scored the most points?

Which San Francisco players score the most points in 2011