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The last Toronto Maple Leafs player to lead the NHL in scoring was Gordie Drillon in the 1937-38 season with 52 points (26 goals, 26 assists).

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Q: Who was the last Maple Leaf to lead the league in scoring?
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Who was the last Toronto maple leaf to win the nhl scoring title?

Gordie Drillon - A good old New Brunswick Boy - back in 1938

Who was the last guy to win the Stanley cup on the Toronto Maple Leaf's as captain?

George Armstrong was the captain of the last Toronto Maple Leaf team to win the Stanley Cup (1967).

When was the last time the leafs led the league in scoring?


Who scored the last goal at Maple leaf gardens?

Bob probert

Who was the last Toronto Maple Leaf to score a Stanley cup goal?

George Armstrong, Leaf captain 1967.

Who was the last Toronto Maple Leaf to win rookie of the year?

Brit Selby

Who is the last Toronto maple leaf to record a hat trick?

Boyd deveraux

Who was the last Maple Leaf to score in the playoffs?

Mats Sundin was the last Maple Leaf to score in the playoffs. Back in 2004 vs the Philadelphia Flyers. It was the second goal scored by the Leafs in that game, and they lost by a final score of 3-2 in overtime.

Who was the last Maple Leafs player to score a goal at Maple Leaf Gardens?

According to this site ( it was Todd Warriner.

What was the last year Toronto maple leafs were 1st in the league?


What is the only team undefeated in maple leaf gardens?

The only NHL Team to be undefeated at Maple Leaf Gardens is the Nashville Predators. However, they only played one game in the building as their first season was also the Maple Leafs' last season at that arena. Their only game at Maple Leaf Gardens ended in a tie. (Oct 19, 1998... 2-2 tie in OT)

Who fought the last fight at Maple Leaf Gardens against Domi?

denny Lambert of the Ottawa senators

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When was the last fifty goal season by a leaf?

The last 50 plus goal season for Toronto Maple Leaf was by Dave Andreychuk in the 1993-1994 season. he scored 53 goals in 83 games played.

When was the last game at Maple Leaf Gardens?

The last hockey game at Maple Leaf Gardens was played on February 13, 1999 between the Leafs and the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks won 6-2. The final goal scored in MLG history was by Blackhawks tough guy Bob Probert.

What time did the last game start on feb 131999 at maple leaf gardens Was it 6pm 0r 7pm?

6 pm

The Maple Leaf's will make the playoffs this year?

The Toronto Maple Leafs still have a chance, stats wise everyone has a chance, but the Leafs will have to win 7-8 of there last 10 games to make it.

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