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The last player was Ted Williams who hit .407 in 1953. Williams also hit .400 in 1952 and .406 in 1941. And despite that, he also missed five of his prime years during World War II.

This answer is not only INCORRECT, it is also misleading!

By the logic here, David Ortiz was the last MLB player to hit .400 in the 2013 World Series!

Williams hit .400 in 1952 IN SIX GAMES! In 1953 he played in 37 GAMES!

Hideki Matsui hit .615 in 6 games in 2009 and Big Papi hit .688 in six games this year!

The last MLB player to hit .400 for a full season was Ted "Teddy Ballgame" Williams in 1941 when he hit .406.

The last National League player to hit .400 was "Memphis" Bill Terry who hit .401 in 1930.

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Dontrelle Willis September 20 2006 An updated answer: Micah Owings of the Arizona Diamondbacks hit two HR's on August 18, 2007 against the Atlanta Braves. He pitched seven innings and won the game, 12-6.

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MLB .390 hitters since 1900: 1) Nap Lajoie - .426, 1901

2) Rogers Hornsby - .424, 1924

3) George Sisler - .420, 1922

4) Ty Cobb - .420, 1911

5) Ty Cobb - .409, 1912

6) Joe Jackson - .408, 1911

7) George Sisler - .407, 1920

8) Ted Williams - .406, 1941

9) Rogers Horsnby - .403, 1925

10) Harry Heilmann - .403, 1923

11) Rogers Hornsby - .401, 1922

12) Bill Terry - .401, 1930

13) Ty Cobb - .401, 1922

14) Lefty O'Doul - .398, 1929

15) Harry Heilmann - .398, 1927

16) Rogers Hornsby - .397, 1921

17) Joe Jackson - .395, 1912

18) Tony Gwynn - .394, 1994

19) Harry Heilmann - .394, 1921

20) Harry Heilmann - .393, 1925

21) Babe Ruth - .393, 1923

22) Babe Herman - .393, 1930

23) Al Simmons - .392, 1927

24) Ty Cobb - .390, 1913

25) Al Simmons - .390, 1931

26) George Brett - .390, 1980

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If you mean the last person to bat over .400, then the answer is Ted Williams.

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Ted Williams

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Ted Williams

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Q: Who was the last Major League Baseball player to hit 400?
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