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2011-08-04 03:44:36
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Q: Who was the last CertainTeed sponsored race car driver to win a race?
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How much do you get paid to race?

You don't get paid to race unless you are sponsored. The sponsors pay to put ads on the car. The driver only gets money if he wins the race.

Who was the last Nascar driver to win a race in 2010 and what was the race?

Carl Edwards won the last race of 2010 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The race was named the Ford 400.

What race suits do the pro racers use?

Many times it depends on the who the individual driver is sponsored by. An example of a major supplier would be Profox Premium Race Gear, which have a line of fire resistant race gear.

Who was the last NASCAR driver to die in a race?

Dale Earnheart Sr.

Who was the last driver to lose his life during a NASCAR race?

The last driver to lose his life in a NASCAR race was Dale Earnhardt Sr. Since that time they have improved safety with safer barriers and the HANS device.

What is Heikki Kovalainen famous for?

Heikki Kovalainen is famous for being a Formula 1 race car driver from Finland. His last race was in 2012 at the Caterham F1 and he is now a reserve driver.

What company has sponsored a Nascar race the longest?

Coca Cola has sponsored the World 600 at Charlotte since 1985 making it the longest race sponsor in the sport.

When did TOCA Race Driver happen?

TOCA Race Driver happened in 2002.

Can the driver be replaced during an F1 race?

No a driver can not be changed in the middle of a race.

Who was the last Nascar driver to win a Winston Cup race without a corporate sponsor?

Darrell Waltrip

Was the sponsored bed race reported in the local paper?


What do race car driver like to do?


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