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Q: Who was the last Birmingham city player to score 4 goals in one game?
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How many goals have Birmingham City scored against Aston Villa?

100 in 3 years

When did hull city last score 5 goals away?

5 2

How many goals did Arthur Rowley score for Leicester City?

In eight seasons at Leicester City, Arthur Rowley scored 265 goals in 321 games.

What was the score last time Manchester united played Birmingham city?

The last time Manchester United and Birmingham played on 16th august 2009 Manchester won ith a Wayne Rooney goal 1-0 score.

Who is the all-time top scorer for Birmingham City?

As of April 2014, the top scorer for Birmingham City in all competitive appearances is Joe Bradford, who scored 249 goals in 445 appearances, including as substitute.

Who scored the winning goal for Birmingham city 2011?

In the Carling cup final between Arsenal and Birmingham, the winning goals was scored by O.Martins after a mistake by the Arsenal goalkeeper and defender.

What city do Birmingham city play in?


How many goals did Gary Megson score for Manchester City and how many appearances did he make for them?

Gary Megson made 82 appearances for Manchester City, scoring 2 goals in his time.He played for them from 1989 - 1992.

How far is Birmingham airport to Birmingham city?

Birmingham airport is IN Birmingham city Birmingham airport is by this farm i can't remember what it's called though from Leah Cox Age 13 - Birmingham

Birmingham is its big city?

Birmingham is in England but it is not the largest city. the largest city of England is London.

When was Birmingham City F.C. created?

Birmingham City F.C. was created in 1875.

When was Birmingham City L.F.C. created?

Birmingham City L.F.C. was created in 1968.