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It was Martin Gramatica, but just recently the Saints signed John Carney. He was on the Saints a while ago, but we got him from the NY Giants. He is probably most known from the River City Musical, a fantastic play by the Saints with 7 seconds left, down 20-13, to the Jags. The Saints scored a miraculous touchdown, but Carney missed the extra point. Now it's Garrett Hartley, who just made a overtime 40-yard field goal to lift the Saints to Super Bowl XLIV.

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Martin Grammatica joined the Saints during the 2007 season and replaced Olindo Mare.
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Q: Who was the kicker for the saints before Gramitica?
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Who was the Football kicker with a partial foot?

Tom Dempsey, who was a kicker for the New Orleans Saints.

Who was NOT a Saints kicker in the regular season?

Chris Myers

Who is the NO Saints field goal kicker?

nate kaeding?

What position does Jeff Carney play for the New Orleans Saints?

place kicker

Who are the oldest players in football?

Right now its John Carney the kicker for the Saints

What position does Derek Dimke play?

Derek Dimke plays Place Kicker for the New Orleans Saints.

Who was the first player to sign a contract with the new orleans saints?

Ole Miss kicker Paige Cothren, who signed a formal contract with the New Orleans Saints franchise on February 4, 1967. Cothren never played for the Saints during the regular season because he was beaten out by free-agent kicker Charlie Durkee during the team's first training camp.

What are the names of the kicker and holder of the game-winning field goal against the Vikings that put the New Orleans Saints in the 2010 Super Bowl?

The kicker's name Garrett Hartley and the holder's name is Mark Brunell.

Who was the New Orleans Saints first player in their franchise history?

The first player signed to a contract (January 27, 1967) by the New Orleans Saints was kicker Paige Cothren. Cothren hadn't played in the NFL since 1959 and did not play for the Saints.

Who was the kicker right before Jason Elam?

Jason Elam became the Broncos place kicker in 1993. The Broncos place kicker in 1992 was David Treadwell, who was with the Broncos between 1989-1992.

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Eddie Murray. Murray was the place kicker for the Eagles in 1994. Anderson took over in 1995.

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Kicker John Carney played in two games for the Saints in 2010 marking his 23rd consecutive season in the NFL. Quarterback Brett Favre of the Vikings and kicker John Kasay of the Panthers have played 20 seasons and kicker Jason Hanson of the Lions has played 19 seasons.