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Joe Green - defensive tackle

L.C. Greenwood - defensive end

Ernie Holmes - defensive tackle

Dwight White - defensive end

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Q: Who was the iron curtain players Pittsburgh Steelers?
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lmao the steel curtain they were called in the 70s i believe.but steelers rock!!!!!!! I think you are the first one to call Russia the Steel Curtain. The Steel Curtain refers to the defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Iron Curtain was coined most famously by Winston Churchill.

Who was football's Iron Mike?

There were two players with that distinction. Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster was given that nickname. He played for the Steelers from 1974-1988. Also former player and head coach Mike Ditka was known as Iron Mike.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers.

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American Iron & Steel Institute

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Yellow: CoalOrange: Iron OreBlue: Steel Scrap Metal

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