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Soccer was not invented by an American

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โˆ™ 2008-11-10 15:44:43
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Q: Who was the inventor of the American sport soccer?
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What sport is better American football or American soccer?

American soccer aka Associative Football

What sport is gridiron in American?

American football. Not soccer(football)

Popular American sport in brizal?


Which sport is more dangerous football or soccer?

They are both the same sport, unless you referring to American Football and soccer, in which case then American Football is much more dangerous.

The roots of American Football come from soccer and what other sport?

Soccer --> Rugby --> American Football

Denmarks most popular sport?

American Soccer

American football is a combination of soccer and this sport?


What is an American sport popular in England?

Soccer but they call it football

What is the most Latin sport in the US?

Football (soccer) is the most popular sport among American Latinos.

Which league sport is most popular?

In the world? The most popular sport is football. (Or call it soccer, if you are an American.)

A popular sport in Spain?

I hear that in Spain, football is a popular sport. I, however, am an American and call it soccer.

What is the number one sport watched in the world?

Football or American Soccer.

Which sport are populai in your country?

popular? American football, soccer, tennis...

Most popular sport in Colombia?

The South American country? - SOCCER

In Many Latin American countries the national sport is known as?


What is the costliest sport in world?

i would say football or if your american soccer

Which sport is associated with the American Cup?

The American Cup is associated with U.S. soccer.

Is soccer popular in Columbia?

Yes it is. Like in most South American countries, soccer is a hugely popular sport.

What sport is the most played in the world?

Football (American soccer) is the most played sport in many countries in the world.

What is Columbia's main sport?

most of the south American main sports is soccer

What is the most popular sport in guadeloupe?

Football, not American football, soccer as we call it...

Is football second best sport in the world?

It depends on if it is soccer or it is american football.

Is American football a rubbish sport?

No, it is far from A rubbish sport, it is a great and demanding sport. The general US consensus on Soccer is; that it is merely a great exercise type sport for American Kids till they play the superior sport of football, like they always do. Football is in the American DNA. That is why European "football" is really only good for Europeans and the South Americans that British Soldiers brought Soccer/Football to.

Why do Americans say soccer not football because football is the proper word?

In the American dialect of the English language "football" is one sport, "soccer" is another. In the British dialect of the English language, the sport the Americans call "soccer" is called "football" they do not play much American Football in Britain.

What is so important about the soccer ball?

soccer is a growing sport, it's the most popular sport in the world now actually. It's the #1 sport in every country except for North America, where in Canada it's hockey and the U.S is American football. and the soccer ball would be important because have to have it to play soccer...

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