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Q: Who was the highest survivor from parachute not opening?
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What are the odds of a parachute not opening?

main parachute not opening is about 1 in 1000 and for both main and reserve parachutes not opening is 1 in one million.

What is the highest parachute jump?


What is freefall delay?

In skydiving, freefall delay is the amount of time allowed for the parachuter to freefall, that is, fall without opening their parachute. This is the time from leaving the plane to opening of the parachute.

What is the name of the force when a parachute opens?

This can be referred to as the "opening force" of the canopy.

When skydiver slows down from 54 meters to 4 meters by opening his parachute If this takes 0.75 seconds what is the magnitude of the skydiver's acceleration?

the magnitude of the skydivers acceleration is zero as he is decelerating by opening his parachute!

What woman jumped the highest number of parachute jumps?

Hana Abbas

What happens after you open a parachute?

well after opening the parachute it will be filled with air so technically the individual will go down slowly due to air resistance .

After opening the parachute do you go up?

No. In many movies it appears that someone opening a parachute flies up in the air. However, this is because of the perspective of the camera, which continues falling while the person slows down. Gravity continues to pull the person down to the ground, the parachute only slows them down.

What is the highest sky dive?

The record for highest parachute jump is just shy of 103,000 feet. Source: Wikipedia

What are the release dates for Survivor - 2000 Opening Pandora's Box 27-3?

Survivor - 2000 Opening Pandora's Box 27-3 was released on: USA: 2 October 2013 Australia: 3 October 2013

How high was the highest parachute jump?

102,800ft in the 1960's by Col Joe Kittinger.

What is the skydiver's downward velocity?

Maximum speed is about 220 to 230mph and can be achieved after about 20 seconds of freefall. Normal parachute opening speed should be not greater that 120mph to avoid damage to the parachute

Highest number of parachute jumps made by a woman?

you are horrible you dont take the right anwesers

What is the sport of falling from a plane for a while before opening your parachute is called?

It is the sport of parachuting, also known as skydiving.

What size of parachute makes a free fall slower?

Any size will slow a free fall which is what one does before opening ones parachute. Generally, the larger diameter the 'chute, the slower the rate of fall.

What is the highest number of parachute jumps made by a woman?

Cheryl Sterns holds the record for being the woman with the most parachute jumps under her belt. She has made nearly 20,000 jumps as of June, 2014.

Can you skydive with copd?

I wouldn't recommend it. The shock of your parachute opening and your harness constricting your chest might be more than you could take.

Did eclipse break any records?

It had the second highest opening day.

What is the key for opening the parachute in san Andreas?

Press the LCTRL & RCTRL simultaneously.(sure)contact at Press O.(improved answer)

What are some dangers of skydiving?

mid air collision, parachute not opening, double malfunction on both main and reserve parachutes; that's some of them

What is the highest dollar rating opening movie for Harry Potter?

the new one has the highest it beat spider man too

What is the highest you can parachute from?

usually drop zones highest drop height is 14000ft but some go up to 16500ft like one in New Zealand named Skydive Abel Tasman

What is a small parachute called?

a small parachute, is a small parachute, ther is no technical name for it. :) a small parachute is called a drogue

What is the possessive form of survivor?

The possessive form for the noun survivor is "survivor's".

Which parachute company has the highest safety rating?

Red Bull Stratos have the highest safety rating of parachutes. One feature deploys the main chute and cuts away drogue at the same time.