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Q: Who was the highest paid sports athlete in 2000 and how much did they earn?
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How much does the highest paid athlete earn?

Wayne Rooney - £250,000/month

Who is the highest paid athlete in the world 2010?

As far as i know, Tiger Woods is the highest paid athlete this year, hes on course to earning $110, he is also set to become the first athlete to earn $1 billion. I Hope this answered your question :)

What is an athlete called who does not earn money from playing a sport?

An athlete who does not earn money for playing is called an enthusiast.

How much money can you earn with a degree in sports management?

you will earn 10% or if your luckier 15% of your athletes salary if he make 10 million you get 1 million like that its unlimited it depends on the athlete.

Can you earn money after retirement of professional sports?

Typically no athletes do not get paid after retirement. Although often retired athlete get endorsements along with broadcasting jobs.

How much did Tiger Woods earn in 2008?

$110 Million from prize money and endorsements. This earned him the titles of the world's highest paid athlete in 2008.

What is the highest degree in college you can earn?

The highest degree you can earn in college is a Doctorate.

How much does a professinal athlete earn?

depends on the sport

Can Olympians earn money and still compete in the Olympics?

An Olympian can earn money while working at a non-sports related position. The athlete may NOT earn income from any sport-related activity. There are some exceptions for certain team sports such as Soccer, Ice Hokey and Basketball. See: Jim Thorpe's revocation of gold medals.

Average salary for professional sports players in 2000?

All I know is that international athletics people, earn around 25k a year, purely from doing their sports, not including sponsors

What do TV sports anchors in UAE earn?

they earn techniques

Who was the first female athlete to earn 100000?

Billie Jean King

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