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colt brennan

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Q: Who was the greatest walk on college football player?
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Who was the greatest walk-on college football player?

colt brennan

Can a college football player go pro after college without going into the draft?

they can walk on

What does walk on mean in football?

often referring to college football, it means that the player was a walk on tryout, and did not receive a scholarship to play but attends the college, and tried out for the team

How do you become a walk on football player?

please visit for answers and stories about walking-on to a college football team

What football college team can you walk on to?

All of them

Can you play in college football without a scholarship?

Yes you can get on a college football team as a walk on through an open try out

Can you play junior college football if you never played high school football?

Yes. Any athlete can walk on in Junior College, NCAA and NFL to try out. If they are selected based on ability to perform the assigned roles they will suit up. An example of a football player (NFL example) with very little football experience (was a brusing basketball player in college) is Antonio Gates for San Diego.

Most famous walk on football player?

clay matthews

How do you get in college football?

You have to either ear a scholarship out of high school or you can get accepted into the school and tryout for the football team as a walk on

What is the easiest college football team to get into?

Southern Virginia University. It is a small liberal arts college. If you can walk you'll make the team.

What University of Tennessee football player was a walk-on and later went on to play in the NFL?


Do you need an examination or license for pro football?

you need to have played college football. you cnt just walk on the team. you also got to be mad good.

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