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It was Gilles Gilbert not Cesare Maniago

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Q: Who was the goalie on jean beliveau 500th career goal?
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Who did Steve Yzerman score his 500th goal on?

Indeed Steve Yzerman scored the goal against Patrick Roy and the Avs, but it was on Jan. 17th 1996He retired on Jul 3, 2006.Jul 4, 2006 ... Scored his 500th career goal against Patrick Roy and the Colorado Avalanche

Who scored the 500th premiership goal?

kingsley black for Forrest

Can a goalie shoot a goal?

If a goalie kicks the ball out, and it goes into the opposition's net, the goal stands.

Who assisted on jean beliveau's 500 goal?

Phil Roberto and Frank Mahovlich.

What is a goal made by a hockey goalie called?

A goal

Where does the goalie stand?

um. in the goal? haha. hense the term goalie.

Has a goalie ever scored a goal?

yes a goalie has scored a goal and that was Marty broduer of the new jersy devils

If a player that is not a goalie blocks a shot that was meant to be a goal is that considered a blocked shot or a shot on goal?

It is a blocked shot, not a shot on goal. To be counted as a shot on goal it has to be stopped by the goalie or a goal.

Can a soccer goalie score a goal?

yes it can

What determines whether a goalie kicks or punts the ball?

If the ball goes wholly and completely over the goal line - but NOT in the goal - and is last touched by the attacking team - it is a goal kick from the 6 yard line. If the goalie catches the ball and controlls it off of the ground - then he can then throw or punt it - it is his choice!! And if the goalie accidentally throws or punts it into his own goal - it is NOT a goal - it is a corner kick - because goalie punts are indirect and must touch another player before going into ANY goal!!!! If the goalie punts it and it bounces off another player and THEN goes it his own goal - it is a goal!!!!!

Puck get stuck in goalie pads and goalie slides over goal line?

well it's the same thing if the puck was in a goalie's glove and his glove went over the line. It's a goal.

What is a standup goalie?

A "Stand-up" Goalie refers to the style of goal-tending in which the goalie prefers to make saves standing when possible.

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