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Q: Who was the football coach who coached at both Auburn and at Clemson?
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Who is clemson's head coach for football?

Clemson's head football coach is Dabo Swinney.

Who is Clemson's coach?

Clemson's head football coach is Dabo Swinney and the head men's basketball coach is Oliver Purnell.

Which Auburn coach has the all time best winning percentage?

For football coaches that coached more than one season at Auburn, that is Mike Donahue who was head football coach between 1904-1922 and compiled a record of 106-35-5 for a winning percentage of .743.

What Clemson football coach has the record for best winning percentage while coaching at Clemson?

John Heisman

Who is the current auburn football coach?

Tommy Tuberville :)

What are all the football teams tony dungy coached?

As an assistant coach, Dungy was with the Steelers, Chiefs, and Vikings. As a head coach, Dungy has coached for the Buccaneers and Colts.

Who was the Auburn football coach after Tommy tuberville?

Gene Chizik.

Why is Clemson's mascot a tiger paw?

It isn't. Their mascot is a tiger. The tiger paw is just one of their symbols, like the "C" they use for their baseball team. But to answer the question, "Why is Clemson's mascot a TIGER?", it is because of Walter Riggs. He came to Clemson as the football coach in 1896 from Auburn University. He had always been a fan of the Princeton Tigers, and, therefore, gave Clemson the mascot.

What is Auburn University head football coach name?

Gene Chizik

Who coached Notre Dame football in 1941?

1941 was Frank Leahy's first year as ND's football coach.

Who was penn state's coach in 1959?

Their football coach was Rip Engle, who coached the team for 16 seasons (1950-1965).

What years did Woody Hayes coach Ohio State college football?

He coached the Buckeyes football team from 1951 to 1978.

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