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No woman has won the Triple Crown as a jockey.

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Q: Who was the first woman to win the triple crown?
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What baseball statistics are in the pitching triple crown?

The stats used to determine the Triple Crown of Pitching are wins, strikeouts, and earned run average or ERA. The first American League pitcher to win the Triple Crown of Pitching was Cy Young in 1901. The first pitcher to win it in the National League was Tommy Bond in 1877.

How many times did dale Murphy win triple crown?

Dale Murphy never won the Triple Crown.

What year did Frank Robinson win the Triple Crown?


Did Reggie Jackson ever win the triple crown award?

No, he did not.

What baseball player was the first in the new American League to win the Triple Crown Award?

In 1901, Napoleon Lajoie, of the Athletics, was the first triple crown winner of the new American League. His winning triple crown numbers were a.426 batting average, 14 Home Runs and 125 Runs Batted In. He had previously played in the National League for the Philadelphia Phillies.