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The 1930 world cup was won by Uruguay.

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Q: Who was the first team to win the FIFA world cup?
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When was the FIFA World Cup started?

The first FIFA World Cup was in 1930, in Uruguay. The home team took the trophy

For the FIFA World Cup which team is ranked first in the world?


Which team was the first to win the fifa world cup?

Uruguay 1930 was the first team

Which is the first team to get out of FIFA World Cup 2010?


Which was the first team to not score in the world cup final?

Argentina in 1990 fifa world cup final

Which was the first African team to qualify for the playoffs of the FIFA world cup?


What was the first FIFA mascot?

World Cup Willie was the first FIFA World Cup mascot

Who hosted the 2011 women's World Cup?

Germany hosted the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, from June 26th to July 17th.Japan won their first World Cup becoming the first Asian team (male or female) to win a FIFA World Cup.

What is the first team to win a match in 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Korea Republic.

Which team won the very first fifa world cup?

The winner was Uruguay in 1930.

What team does david beckham play for in the FIFA World Cup?

In the 2010 Fifa world cup, he plays for nobody!

Who was the first FIFA World Cup champion?

Uruguay Won the first Fifa World Cup. In 1930