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The first College Football game was played in 1882 between transylvania college and Kentucky university (now university of Kentucky) Transylvania won.

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Q: Who was the first team that played football?
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Who was the football team that Greg Olsen played for first?

Professionally, Greg Olsen first played football for the Chicago Bears. After four years on the team, he was then drafted to his second team: the Carolina Panthers.

What team played the first college flag football game?

The military bases played the game first.

Who was reggie white's first football team?

he played for the Tennessee college football team if u need help answering the team go to google

Who is the first football team?

sheffield fc were the first football team

What was the first football team David Beckham played for?

manchester united was the first team beckham signed a professional contract with

Is there a football team that has never played another football team?


When was basketball first played?

it was by James Naismith it springfiled Massachusetts the first time it was played was in 1891 but his football team in the winter

Who is the oldest college football team?

Rutgers and Princeton played in the first-ever college football game in 1869.

What was the first US football team?

First non-collegiate team was the Canton Bulldogs, formed in 1905. But college football had been being played for nearly 40 years by this time.

First football team that Fernando Torres played for?

Atletico Madrid (Youth and Senior)

What was the first NFL football team Herschel Walker played for?

Dallas Cowboys in 1986.

Why was the first Super Bowl played?

To determine the U.S.'s best football team

When did patriots become a football team?

The club was founded in 1959 and first played in 1960.

What was the last football team Chris Perry played for before retiring?

The last football team Chris Perry played for before retiring was the Michigan Wolverines. He helped the team reach the playoffs where they lost in the first round.

What sport team was first played with an organ?

In it's very early days, football was played with a pigs stomach.

What was Tom Brady first team?

The New England Patriots are the only professional football team Tom Brady has played for.

What was the first football team to use the football?

the first AMERICAN football team to use an American football were: rutgers scarlet knights and the Princeton tigers

Did galway play Australia in football in 1965?

If you are talking about Gaelic Football and Australian rules teams, then the answer is no. The first time Gaelic Football and Australian rules teams played each other was in 1967. A Meath team played an Australian team.

What was the name of the name of the first football team Tom Brady was on?

The first and only team Tom Brady has played on in the NFL is the New England Patriots

How the sport of football is played?

The sport of football isn't easy to play first how you play is you get a ball and you kick it in the net of the opposite team

What football team was Bill bosworth on?

The football team that Bill Bosworth played on was the Louisville Cardinals. Brian Bosworth played professional football for the Seattle Seahawks.

Who were the first team in English football?

The first team was Sheffield F.C.

What university football team played in the first seven holiday bowls?

BYU. They won 4 out of the 7.

Why is football played on Thanksgiving?

Because when the pilgrims first arrived at the shores of New England the realized there was no football team so they created the Patriots and football is played on thanksgiving ever since then and we continue to celebrate this tradition.

In what year did the Minnesota Golden Gophers college football team play its first game?

The Minnesota Golden Gophers football program represents the University of Minnesota in college football at the NCAA Division I football Bowl Subdivision level.The team played its first game on September 29, 1882.