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Messi joined Barcelona as a teenager, and had hormone trouble.And has played for Barcelona who treated him.

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newwel old boys

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Q: Who was the first team messi play with?
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What fifa team does Messi play for?

The team that Messi plays for is Barcelona and Argentina

Which English team does Messi play for?

Messi plays for Barcelona.

Which ufa team does Lionel messi play for?

Lionel Messi plays for Barcelona.

Which team will messi play for next?

he will play only for Barcelona

Did messi play for the u20 Netherlands team?

No, he is Argentinian.

What world cup team does messi play for?


What team does messi play for in fifa 10?

barcelona and argentina

Did Linoel messi play football in 2004?

Linoel Messi started his career in 2004 and set a record for the youngest person to play on his team.

Who does massi play for?

messi plays for FC Barcelona an LFP team

What team does Neymar play for?

when neymar plays international, he plays for Brazil.In 2013, he switched to the football team Barcelona to play with messi

For what club does Lionel Messi play?

Actually, Lionel Messi play for FC Barcelona his national team is Argentina Hope This will Help U!!

What soccer team did Messi play for in 2004?

i dont think he played in 04