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Tony Hawk in the xgames

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Q: Who was the first skateboarder to land a 900?
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What important even did Tony Hawk do?

Tony Hawk was the first skateboarder to successfully land a 900 degree spin (2.5 revolutions) in 1999.

Who was the first skateboarder?

The first skateboarder is unknown. There are some people that think there was a first skateboarder or an inverntor but there is not. The first skateboarders were kids who wanted to surf on land so they took a pieces of board or a crate and put rollerblade wheels on them.

What is Tony Hawk famous for?

Tony Hawk is a famous skateboarder. He has won many medals and landed the first 900 on the vert.

Who was the bet skateboarder?

Do you mean the "best" skateboarder??? if you do then different people will say different things, but most people will say: 1. Tony hawk, the first to sucssessfully land a 900. Vert skater. 2. Rodney Mullen (my best) he invented the kickflips when originally they were called "magic flips" Street skater.

What does the term 900 mean in skateboarding?

When a skateboarder refers to a 900, they are referring to an aerial spin. It is performing a spin with two and a half rotations while on their skateboard. It is one of the hardest tricks a skateboarder can perform.

Who was the first famous skateboarder?

tony hawk

Who is the first black skateboarder?

harold hunter

Who was the first skateboarder to execute a 900 degree turn on the half-pipe?

Tony Hawk at the X Games in the 1990's. That's partly what made him so famous.

Who is the first best skateboarder?

Rodney Mullen!!!1

What is the first trick every skateboarder learns?

the ollie

What actors and actresses appeared in Barge at Will - 1989?

The cast of Barge at Will - 1989 includes: Mark Cernicky as Skateboarder Mike Crescini as Skateboarder Jeff Ferris as Skateboarder Tom Groholski as Skateboarder Ken Park as Skateboarder Lee Ralph as Skateboarder Kealoha Rosecrans as Skateboarder Marco Saiz as Skateboarder Kevin Staab as Skateboarder

What is Mr Rodriguez's first name?

Paul Rodriguez is a skateboarder.

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