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The first skateboarder is unknown. There are some people that think there was a first skateboarder or an inverntor but there is not. The first skateboarders were kids who wanted to surf on land so they took a pieces of board or a crate and put rollerblade wheels on them.

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Q: Who was the first skateboarder?
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tony hawk

Who is the first black skateboarder?

harold hunter

Who is the first best skateboarder?

Rodney Mullen!!!1

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the ollie

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Tony Hawk in the xgames

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Paul Rodriguez is a skateboarder.

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Is Ryan sheckler a skateboarder?

yes hes a pro skateboarder

When was Skateboarder - magazine - created?

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It means they have a skateboard and are committed to landing tricks after going airborn. Its not the skill that makes you a skateboarder its the determination.

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When was Andy Kessler - skateboarder - born?

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When did Andy Kessler - skateboarder - die?

Andy Kessler - skateboarder - died in 2009.

When was Brian Anderson - skateboarder - born?

Brian Anderson - skateboarder - was born in 1976.

Who was the first skateboarder to be notice?

Rodney Mullen, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Tony Alva

What does it take to be a pro skateboarder?

The answer to be a pro skateboarder is alot of practice and advise for friends who skateboard.

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How do you spell skateboarder in french?

Skateboarder is used in French, or 'skateur', as equivalents to the English noun.