Who was the first sec of state?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Thomas Jefferson. 1790-1793

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Thomas Jefferson. 1790-1793

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Q: Who was the first sec of state?
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What were the first President cabinet positions?

Washington had four cabinet members: Sec. of State, Sec. of War, Sec. of Treasury and the Attorney General.

Who is fifth in line for the presidency?

After the Sec. of State comes the Sec. of Treasury.

What is Hillary Clintons Four Government Positions?

first lady sec of state sentor first lady of ar

Did George Washington have a postmaster general?

no, he had attorney general, sec of war, sec of state, and sec of Treasury

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List the first 10 succesions of the president?

1.Vice President and President of the Senate 2. Speaker of the house 3. President of the Senate Pro tempor 4. Sec. of State 5. Sec. of Treasury 6. Sec. of Defense 7. Attorney General 8.Sec. of Interior 9. Sec. of Agriculture 10.Sec. of Commerce

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What presidents were once cabinet members?

All eight of the Cabinet Members who were also U. S. Presidents served in the Cabinet before their presidencies. However, Vice President Henry A. Wallace served as Commerce Secretary for a short time after his vice presidency.

What year did vanderbilt join the sec?

1933 ... the first year of the SEC.

When a vip leaves who replaces him?

Sec of state

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