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Craig Morton of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII against the Dallas Cowboys. Morton started Super Bowl V for the Cowboys against the Baltimore Colts.

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Q: Who was the first quarterback to start a Super Bowl against his former team?
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Who was the first quarterback to throw for 300 yards in a Super Bowl?

Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers with 318 passing yards in Super Bowl XIII against the Cowboys.

Who was the first Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback to play in the Super Bowl?

Terry Bradshaw was the Steelers starting quarterback in Super Bowl IX. It was the teams first ever Super Bowl appearance.

What quarterback in his first two season won a Super Bowl?

what quarterback in his first two seasons won a superbowl

First quarterback to throw for 400 yards in the super bowl?

So far Kurt Warner is the only quarterback to throw for 400 yards in a Super Bowl. He passed for 414 yards in Super Bowl XXXIV for the St Louis Rams against the Tennessee Titans.

Who was the first non quarterback to win the super bowl mvp?

The first non quarterback to win the Super Bowl MVP was linebacker Chuck Howely of the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V.

Super Bowl first black quarterback?

Doug Williams was first to start and win the Super Bowl

What quarterback won the first Super Bowl?

Bart Starr

What is former university of Texas quarterback T Jones first name?


What is former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason's real first name?


Who was the first quarterback to rush for a touchdown in a super bowl?

Fran Tarkenton of the Minnesota Vikings on a 4 yard run in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl VIII against the Miami Dolphins.

What quarterback led the Dallas Cowboys to their first Super Bowl victory?

Roger Staubach was the Cowboys quarterback in Super Bowl VI when they defeated the Miami Dolphins, 24-3, for their first Super Bowl victory.

Who was the quarterback for Tampa Bay bucs in their super bowl win?

Brad Johnson was the starting quarterback when the bucs won there first super bowl in the 2002 season

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