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Before Chuck Connors made his mark as "The Rifleman" on television, he already played a starring role on the Basketball court. Before the first home game of the Boston Celtics, Connors makes history: He is the first player to shatter a backboard in the NBA (though it was called the Basketball Association of American until 1949).

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Q: Who was the first player to shatter a glass backboard with a dunk in the NCAA?
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Who was the first player to shatter a glass backboard with a dunk in the NBA?

Chuck Connors in 1946 playing for the Boston Celtics. When playing for the Boston Celtics in 1946, Connors took a set shot during pregame warm-ups, hitting the front of the rim. Because an arena worker had failed to place a protective piece between the rim and backboard, the backboard shattered.

Who was the first NBA player to shatter a glass backboard with a dunk in the NBA and how many species?

Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins broke the board with a nasty 2 handed jam way before Shaq could even touch the ring.

When was the glass backboard first used?

The first team to use a glass backboard was the Indiana Hoosiers men's team in 1917. The glass plate was made by a company in Bloomington and was 1 1/2 inches thick.

What the name of NBA player who use to break the backboard glass?

Shaquille O'Neal

If you put a firecracker in a glass bottle will it shatter?

Yes, the glass bottle will shatter.

Who first used the glass backboard in basketball?

Beverly hills high school

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The glass will shatter if it falls.

The ability of a singer to shatter a glass is a result of?

The ability of a singer to shatter a glass is a result of the control that they have in frequency. These singers can control high frequencies well enough to focus them to shatter the glass.

What is an official backboard made of?

Tempered Glass

How do you describe glass breaking?


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Sometimes a glass is tuned to a certain frequency or note. If a person hits that note, the glass will shatter.

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If you drop the glass, it will shatter. The mirror was going to shatter when it hit the floor after falling from the table.

What year was the first glass backboard shattered?

1962. Ottawa Hills High School in Toledo, OH.

What will happen to glass if heated?

If you put tea in a normal glass the glass will shatter.

What is the chemistry of a basketball hoop?

The backboard is from plexiglass or glass.

Did Michael Jordan break the glass on the backboard?


What damage could an 85 mph slapshot do to a pain of glass?

If it is regular glass then it will probably shatter it. If it is Plexiglas or another form of reinforced glass it may not shatter it.

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yes a very high pitched voice or sound can shatter glass as seen on myth busters

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Weight of a glass NBA basketball backboard?

1,864 lbs.

Is there a glass top coffe table that is shatter proof?

You can always use tempered glass that's shatter resistant and should be kid-resistant as well.

Is the Grand Estate Collection Pedestal Glass Top Table shatter safe?

The Grand Estate collection is not made of temper glass and is not shatter safe.

When a player does a slam dunk and breaks the glass backboard does the point still count?

If the ball goes all the way thru the hoop before the glass breaks then yes it counts.

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Who was the first player to shatter a glass backboard with a dunk in the NBA?

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