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Jean Pronovost

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Q: Who was the first player to score fifty goals while wearing a helmet?
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Why is hektor's son afraid of him at first?

He has just returned from the battlefield and is still wearing his helmet.

Who was the First hockey player to wear a helmet?

hooley smith

Do you salute the American flag with a bicycle helmet?

First, I assume the question is really..."Do you salute the American flag while you are wearing a bicycle helmet?" If the helmet is part of a uniform, you salute. If it's not, you take the helmet off and hold it over your heart. Second, if the question is..."Do you salute a bicycle helmet with an American flag on it?" then the answer is no.

Who was the first New York Islander player to wear a helmet?

Graeme Townshend

Who was the first man to wear a helmet?

graham yallop of australia was the first player to wear helmet in a test match against west indies at bridgetown on 17 march 1978.

Which NHL hockey player will be the first to wear warrior hockey helmet?

Zdeno Chara

Why does Jon Olerud wear a helmet while playing first base?

he had a brain anuerysm in college, so he had to wear the helmet. he doesn't need to wear it anymore, but he's used to it so he keeps wearing it.

Who invented the first helmet?

kyle cramer made the first helmet in 1885

Who wore the first hockey helmet?

Jace Plance was the first person to wear a helmet.

If a defender takes an offensive player's helmet off is it a facemask in football?

Yes. If you remove a players helmet it is a 15 yard penalty. If you are defense and he is offense, it is an automatic first down.

How do you have to be to wear helmets?

Wearing helmets is the best thing to do when riding a motorcycle. One important reason why wearing a helmet is a must. The first reason is for protection. Helmets is a part of a motorcycle gear that riders should not neglect to wear.

Who was the first Swedish player to score fifty goals in one NHL season?

Hankan Loob

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