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Alan Ball.

Blackpool, Everton, Arsenal, Southampton

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Q: Who was the first player to play 100 league games for 4 different clubs?
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Which players have won the champions league with different clubs?

Clarence Seedorf has won 3 champion league medals with Ajax, real Madrid, A,C. Milan, Marcel Desailly has won it with Olympie Marseille's in two years . The only player to win the champion league with two diffrent clubs in two years.

Who played his first 3 premier league games for different clubs?

Sean Irwin

Who was the first person to play with 4 different American League clubs in 1 season?

The first person to play with 4 different American League clubs in 1 season was Frank Huelsman who had played for Chicago, St. Louis, Washington and Detroit in 1904.

Can you name the current Premier League player who has represented three top flight clubs been relegated with his first and third clubs and won a Premier League winners medal with the second?

Alan smith - leeds relegated , united - league , - Newcastle - relegated

Who was the first player in Major League baseball history to amass 100 or more home runs for three different clubs?

Reggie Jackson ... 269 with the Athletics, 144 with the Yankees, and 123 with the Angels.

Who played in the first women's baseball league?

it was the chicago clubs

When was rangers football clubs first champions league?

Glasgow Rangers have never won the Champions League.

Who was the first player to score for 2 different Premier League clubs?

Teddy Sheringham for Nottingham Forest v Liverpool on 16 Aug 1992 & for Tottenham v Sheffield Utd on 2 Sep 1992. Brian Dean scored the first goal on the 15th August 1992, after 5 minutes for sheffield united against Manchester united. Check it out Brian Deane scored the first goal - the question asks who was the first to score for 2 different clubs.

Who first made rugby league?

The Northern clubs of England were instrumental in breaking away from union and forming a Rugby League.

Name the player that spent 10 years in the prem with 3 different clubs scored just 1 goal Then moved abroad and was top goal scorer for his new club in his first season?

Unless it's some form of complex trick question, no player has ever spent 10 years at three different clubs in the FA English Premier League (which started in 1992), scored one goal and then moved abroad to become top scorer at his new club. Sorry.

Who was the first non-white major league player?

If you do not count the Negro League, the first non-white major league player was the great Jackie Robinson.

Who was the first player to score a hat-trick in the FA Premiership?

The first player to score a hat trick in the Premier League was Eric Cantona, who scored three goals in a single game for Leeds United against Tottenham Hotspur on August 25, 1992. Cantona moved to United on November 26, 1992 and became the first player to win back-to-back top division English titles with two different clubs.