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Badminton made its debut in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. The women's singles competition was the first contested. The winner was Suzi Susanti of Indonesia.

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badminton was first introduced into the olympics in 1924

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No one know who the first individuals were. The game can be traced to the mid 19th century in India invented by army officers serving there.

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Indians in Badminton Hall Pune

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Q: Who was the first person to play badminton?
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Who was thought to be the first to discover the game badminton?

my mum was the first person to discover badminton my mums better than yours HEHE

What are some verbs for badminton?

Since it is a sport, most people "play" it. If they are very good at it, we say they "excel" at badminton. Of course, people can "win" at badminton, and they can also "lose" at badminton. And when they are first becoming familiar with the game, we can say they "are learning" badminton or they "are practicing badminton."

How is play started in badminton?

first grab the racket to the right and beat the cork

What is badminton conclusion?

People come to the conclusion to play badminton because it is fun for them to play. Badminton is an outdoor, and typically causal, racket sport.

Where one can play badminton in Kuwait?

You can play Badminton several place in Kuwait, there is some Badminton club you can join and start play. Like FILBAK, IBAK, FBAA, FBC

What was the first-name of badminton?

the first name of Badminton is POONA

Who was the first person to win arjuna award for badminton Pullela Gopichand Prakash Padukone Nandu Natekar Farook Engineer?

Nandu Natekar iwon the first Arjuna Award for badminton in 1961.

What sport does Saina Nehwal play?

Saina Nehwal is an Indian career player of badminton. She is perhaps better known for winning the badminton bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics, where she was the first Indian to receive an Olympian medal in badminton.

How many players in ball badminton?

first badminton is not played with a ball its played with a shuttlecock. i just wanted to point that out. but u can play it with 2 players or 4players hope that helped

How much people like to play badminton what is the percentage of badminton?

dont know mate

Is badminton just a girls sport?

No. Both men and women play the sport of badminton.

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