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Q: Who was the first person to complete a 900-degree aerial rotation?
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How old do you have to be to start aerial skiing?

To start aerial skiing, a person must be atleast 18 years old. The reason for this is because there are liability factors, and a person must be old enough to sign a waiver.

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For me, personally, Aerial Recovery and Once More. But it depends on the person.

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An aerial booster can be purchased in most home improvement stores and larger supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco, Wickes and Homebase. They can also be purchased from Argos, Amazon and B&Q.

A person who complete power and authority over a country?

A person who has complete power and authority over a country is a dictator.

What is the difference between a bomb and a grenade?

There is no difference, they both do the same thing. Using the analogy of a gun (firearm) for example: a handgun, which is easily concealed upon a person, shoots a bullet; a grenade is equally concealable. An aerial bomb and a rifle (which shoots a bullet) are not easily concealable upon a person. The handgun is to grenade, as the rifle is to (an aerial) bomb.

How many people are on the court during volleyball?

Usually it's a 6 person rotation.

What is a backflip?

A backflip is a rotation of one's body in the opposite direction to the direction a person is facing.

How would a complete lack of ambition affect a person's life?

A complete lack of ambition affects a person's life by undermining his personal development

Shifting one position clockwise just before a new person serves in volleyball is called what?


What type of body movement occurs in the neck when a person turns the head from side-to-side to signal No?


What age is the youngest person to complete London marathon?

the youngest person to complete the london marathon was Ryder Hussey a 13 year old boy from Wales...

How does it feel to be reconciled to the person you hurt or the person who hurt you?

i feel complete and happy.

What is the advantage of job rotation according to accounting?

From an accounting point of view, job rotation reduces the probability of embezzelment or other falsification of records because there is a chance that the next person to do that job will find any irregularities from the previous person. From an Accounting Manager's point of view, job rotation results in cross-trained employees leading to less disruption caused by abscences or terminations and could lead to higher employee job satisfaction and morale.

You need to ensure that more then one person can perform the tasks and respons ibilities of a specific job what should you do to accomplish this?

Job rotation

What is present third person of to complete?

For 3rd person singular add an -s to the verb = completes. eg He completes his homework every night. For 3rd person plural the verb remains the same = complete. eg They complete their homework every night

What is a complete biography?

A complete biography tells about a specific person's entire life, normally from birth to death.

Is it true that you can be in love with more than one person?

No. I believe that there is only one person out there that is for you and that this person will be you other half and will complete you.

Can a person with a learning disability become a respiratory therapist?

If a person can successfully complete the requirements and do the work, why not?

Person who rules with complete and absolute power?


What is a person who rules with complete and absolute power?


Can a person live on popcorn?

No. Corn is not nutritionally complete.

What is it called when complete power is held by one individual?

Complete power held by a single person is called a dictatorship.

How do you do an aerial cartwheel?

An aerial cartwheel is an advanced skill that should never be attempted without proper strength, skill, and instruction. Additionally a proper surface such as a gymnastics floor should be used to minimize impact as well as the risk of twisting and ankle as this is a very real concern. To begin an aerial cartwheel the gymnast must first have a perfect running cartwheel with both hands and one hand first. To execute an aerial cartwheel the front leg will have a deeper lunge out of the hurdle (the chest lowering closer to the knee), a quicker extension of the leg to propel the person upward, and a faster kick in the back leg. An aerial cartwheel is simply a stronger cartwheel that is a bit higher where your hands do not touch the ground. A good way to safely practice an aerial is to try a "really high" one handed cartwheel and continue to get higher until your hand just doesn't need to touch.

According to Thomas Hobbes in the state of nature every person had complete?

According to Thomas Hobbes, in the state of nature every person had complete liberty. He proposed that the pure state of nature is the natural condition of mankind.

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A row in a database is called a complete record . A record can be about any person or any item . A record gives complete information about a person or item.