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First player I can ever remember doing it was Michael Irvine, but it might have been done before that.

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Q: Who was the first nfl player to dunk a ball over the goal post after scoring a touchdown?
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How do you play professional football?

by throwing a ball and scoring a touchdown

What is the definition in football of breaking the plane?

When commentators and football fans say "breaking the plane" they're talking about the endzone. The first and foremost rule in scoring a touchdown is that the football must break the plane or cross into the endzone some kind of way for anyone to even think about it being a touchdown. If a team runs the ball, it wouldn't matter if the player got his whole body into the endzone. If the ball didn't break the plane as he went in it is not a touchdown. If the ball is passed and is caught by a player who is falling forward out of the endzone and he doesn't allow the ball to break the plane it is not a touchdown.

Who invented the spike in football?

Homer Jones, a wide receiver for the New York Giants from 1965-1969 and the Cleveland Browns in 1970, was the first player to spike the ball in the end zone after scoring a touchdown in 1965.

What is a two point conversion in football?

It is a scoring play used as a substitute for a point-after kick - the ball is advanced into the endzone like a touchdown play but it comes after the touchdown.

When a player on offense is carrying the ball His body does not break the plain of the endzone but he extends his arms so the ball does for a touchdown Can a player do the same for a first down?

Yes. Placement is always determined by where the ball is when the player goes down.

If a football player kicks off the ball and another player on the opposite team recevices it and makes the touch down from there how many points will that team gain?

All touchdowns are worth six points. It doesn't matter how the touchdown is scored, via a pass, a run, or on a kickoff or punt return. After the touchdown, the scoring team receives a "point after touchdown" attempt for one or two extra points.

Who invented the touchdown and when was it first introduced into the game of football?

== == The touchdown came from rugby. In rugby, you score a try by advancing the ball into the opponent's end zone and then pressing the ball to the ground. The requirement that a player has to ground the ball is where the term "touchdown" comes from. Gridiron football eventually abandoned that requirement but retained the terminology. It became part of American football in 1876, when the U.S. colleges playing football agreed to a standard set of rules based loosely on the English rugby code. The touchdown initially awarded no points -- it merely gave the scoring team the opportunity to attempt a kick directly out on the field from where the ball was touched down. This is where the extra point came from. Rugby still uses the same system for scoring a conversion after a try. Incidentally, touchdowns in rugby also initially counted for no points, which is why the touchdown in rugby is called a try -- it initially meant that the scoring team was given a "try" for goal. When a numerical scoring system was put in place in 1883, touchdowns counted for 4 points. It increased to 5 points in 1897 (and remained that way in the Canadian game until 1956!) and finally to 6 in 1912. The requirement to physically touch the ball to the ground was removed in 1889.

When a football breaks the plane in the endzone when is it a touchdown?

you just answered your own question. as long as a player is in bounds with control of the ball as it crosses the plane then it is a touchdown. if the ball does not cross the plane but a player does then it is not a td. if the ball is beyond the plane and out of bounds but the player has his feet in bounds with control of the ball it is a td.

What was the original value of a touchdown in American football?

Originally, points were not given for scoring a touchdown. Instead, the team who had reached the end zone would have a chance to place kick for a goal in a spot along a line where the ball had touched down perpendicular to the goal line. A player on the team who had scored the touchdown could also kick to a teammate in the end zone as to score a touchdown again and move the ball to a more advantageous area to kick from. It was not until 1883 when Walter Camp put a point scoring system into place. Four points were alloted for a touchdown. Additionally, two points were given for successful kicks after touchdowns, five points for field goals, and two points for safeties.

What is an instance of getting out to one's first ball in both innings in cricket?

To get out without scoring on both innings is a pair, to get out without scoring first ball is a golden duck, so to get out without scoring first ball on both innings is a golden pair.

Where did the term touchdown come from?

In the first days of football when a ball carrier crossed the goal line he would touch the ball to the ground. The touching of the ball to the ground for the score was called a "TOUCHDOWN". This rule still applies in rugby, where a player doesn't score unless he touches the ball to the ground.

If a player catches the football while his feet are inside the goal line but the ball is not is it a touchdown?

The rules say that no matter where the player is, the ball MUST cross the plane of the end zone. NOTE: It was a touchdown today because the ball did cross the plane.

Ball in players possession however ball outside pilon. is this a touchdown?

As long as the player is not ruled out of bounds it is a touchdown. The goal line technically extends past out of bounds.

Who was Wrong-Way Corrigan?

Corrigan was a college football player who went into the game, received the ball, and got so confused that he ran the wrong direction, scoring a touchdown for the other side. This gave him the nickname of "Wrong-Way" Corrigan.

Kicking team has their player get hit with ball on shoulder. receiving team gets ball runs down field and fumbles. Kicking team gets ball and runs for a touchdown. Is it a touchdown?

It depends on if the kicking team player was 10 yards past the line of scrimmage and also on whether it was a punt or kick off. If it was a kick off and the player was 10 yards past the line of scrimmage, then it would be a touchdown. If the player was not 10 yards past the line of scrimmage, then it is a penalty. If it is a punt the ball is placed where the player hit the ball.

In football what is an extra point worth?

An extra point is scored by kicking the ball through the uprights after scoring a touchdown. It is worth one point. PaymonM

In the NFL is a player allowed to spike the ball in the end zone after a touchdown?

no it will be a safety

How do you player of football player?

The goal of football is to move the ball down the field and into the end zone for a touchdown.

If a defensive player intercepts a pass in the endzone he's defending and fumbles the ball is the ball dead or can an offensive player fall on it for a touchdown?

yes, but first it has to be determined that the defensive player had possesion of the ball and was going to run it. the defensive plaeyer could kneel and make it a touchback, but if he has control of the ball and is going to run it, but fumbles it before he gets out of the endzone it is a free ball.

How much is a try in touch rugby?

A touchdown (worth 1 point) is awarded when an attacking player places the ball on the ground, on or over the defending teams scoreline; after a team scores, the play begins again with a tap in the middle of the field by the non scoring team.

Can you spike a football after a touchdown?

Yes. Spiking the ball to celebrate a big play is usually an automatic "Delay of Game" penalty. However there is an exception to allow the player to spike the ball after a touchdown.

Can a point after a touchdown be challenged?

A two-point conversion is reviewable, as are all scoring plays. But goal kicks are reviewable only if the ball is lower than the top of the uprights.

What is the Football scoring system?

Offensive Scoring: Touchdown - 6 points field goal - 3 points Two point conversion - 2 points Try (extra point) - 1 point Defensive Scoring: Touchdown - 6 points Safety - 2 points Try Safety (only if the ball is fumbled before kick) - 1 point There is also a little-known kick called a "drop-kick" that is worth two points. For this play the player drop-kicking the ball must line up in a standard shotgun formation behind center. The ball is snapped to the kicker and he must, from a standing position, drop the ball from his hands and kick it (like a punt - but without a running start) and it must pass through the uprights prior to hitting the ground. If it is successful, this is worth 2 points.

What is 2 point conversion in football?

It's a scoring play immediately following a touchdown - the team on offense tries to advance the ball into the endzone for two points as opposed to kicking the ball between the uprights on the goal for one point.

Who was the first player in pro football to spike a ball after a touchdown?

Billy Johnson was to touchdown celebrations what Babe Ruth was to the home run -- he may not have been the first, but he is the most memorable. Elmo Wright of the Kansas City Chiefs is credited as the first NFL player to celebrate in the end zone. On Nov. 18, 1973, after catching a touchdown pass thrown by Len Dawson in a 38-14 win over the Houston Oilers, Wright ran in place at a frantic pace, pumping his knees and his arms, stopping long enough to slam the ball to the ground. Eight years before that, Homer Jones, a wide receiver for the New York Giants, delivered the league's first spike. The first player to spike the football after a touchdown was Homer Jones in a game in 1965.