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Q: Who was the first mlb pitcher to have the speed of his fastball measured?
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A softball pitcher fastball was measured at 0.017 and a hardball pitcher's fastball was measured at 86.4 mph Who threw faster and by how much?

If the softball was measured in time then check you stop watch. The ball speed at a softball pitching distance would be traveling several hundred miles per hour at time stated. A very fast softball pitcher will have a release to catcher time around .5 seconds.

What is the momentum of a fastball being thrown by a major league pitcher?

depends on how fast its thrown. every pitcher has a different speed

How fast was Walter Johnson's fastball?

Sports historians who have seen Johnson piotch on old newsreels have estimated that he ONCE threw a fastball close to 120 mph. I doubt that. Unfortunately, there were no radar guns in those days, but a munitions factory once calculated his fastball at 92 mph, a speed virtually unknown in his day, except possibly for Smoky Joe Wood. In any case, he was the fastest pitcher of his day, and his speed is all the more awesome because he was a sidearm pitcher, as opposed to most power pitchers who come straight overhand.

How do you speed up your fastball?

Throw it harder

When was RADAR first used for baseball?

Radar was first used to measure the speed of a moving object in 1935. By 1938, they were used to measure the speed of a fastball thrown by Bob Feller.

Bob Gibsons fastball speed?

Bob Gibson has the 7th fastest fastball in major league baseball history. His fastest fastball was clocked at 96 miles per hour.

What was the average speed of a fastball in the 1920s?

75-80 mph

When was the speed of light measured?

The speed of light was first measured in 1676 by Danish astronomer Ole Rømer using observations of the moons of Jupiter. Rømer's work provided the first quantitative estimate of the speed of light.

Are the cut fastball and the slider the same thing?

No. The slider is usually slower and an earlier break while the cut fasterball has the speed of a fastball but slightly breaks at the end.

Who determined the speed of sound in water?

it was faucault who first measured the speed of light in water ......

What is the average fastball speed for a 10 year old boy?


How fast is a fastball pitch?

The speed of a fastball is dependent on the pitcher throwing the pitch. At the major league level, fastball can vary in speed by 15-20mph between different pitchers. The hardest throwers have been credited with speeds exceeding 100mph, but some pitchers can barely reach 90mph. The main difference between a fastball and other pitches is how they are thrown. A fastball is thrown similarly to the natural motion of throwing a ball, allowing the ball to roll off the fingers as it is released, imparting backspin to the ball, which provides a small amount of lift, and reduces air resistance. This lift allows the pitch to have a straighter line to the plate. The more natural motion is the primary reason for the characteristic high speed of the fastball. Curve balls are thrown with the ball rolling off the thumb, with a snap of the wrist, imparting a forward spin, causing the ball to lose lift, resulting in the characteristic "curve" of the curve ball. This motion is very unnatural, and a drop-off in speed is the result.