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Q: Who was the first maori all black captian?
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Who was the first Maori All black?

george nepia

What does the all blacks haka mean to maori today?

the all black haka to maori today means that there confident in there culture and that they are proud to perform it befor there ready to kick off the game or when there at a special place so thats how importent the all blacks haka means to maori today

What is a basketball captian?

First of all it's captain. There is no basketball captain. There are star players though on a NBA team.

Who is the all blacks captian?

ritchie mccaw

First movie spock was captain?

Spock was, if my memory serves me right, captian in all 6 of the Star Trek movies.

What year did the first all blacks team play?

the new zealand Maori

Who is the captian for the all blacks?

The All Blacks Captain is Richie McCaw :)

What characters can you unlock on Super Smash Flash 2?

only one is captian falcon first get any cpu player get 999 damage with 1 life do it in order all the way to the bottom starting with mario after that fight captian falcon on the sand ocean. sand ocean:do the same thing to unlock captian facon but just stop on lloyd or mega man

How do you say my mothers name is in Maori?

first of all tell us what ur mothers name is! :P

Are all of the players on the All Blacks New Zealand rugby team Maori?

No, the All Blacks are selected from all New Zealander players. The New Zealand Maori representative side is selected from Maori players.

Whiro is the MAORI god of what?

Maori Lord of Darkness and the God of all evil.

Do you have to be Maori to lead the All Black haka?

No, you just have t to believe in yourself and the words of the haka that you are about to sing and the respect for the culture and it's beliefs and values.