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Queen Mary innit bludclat

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Q: Who was the first king of England to set out a rule about football?
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Who was the first monarch to rule Scotland and England?

King James I/VI was the first king of both Scotland and England.

When was the first Australian Football game recorded?

never England rule

Was Mary 1ST the first queen of England?

no but she was first to rule without a king

Why was king James 1 known as king James 6?

James I of England had been James VI of Scotland ever since his mother, Mary Queen of Scots' abdication in 1567. He became King of England as well on March 24, 1603, being the first King with this name to rule over England - and the first King to rule both England and Scotland.

In which country did King rule as an absolute ruler?

England. He was king of England.

Where did King James rule at?

Scotland first and then England- he ruled them both at the same time.

How long did the first king rule for in england?

The first king of England is generally identified as Aethelstan, the grandson of Alfred the Great. He was crowned king of England at Kingston-upon-Thames in September 925. He died in October 939. He ruled for 14 years and six weeks.

In which country did king johon rule as an absolute ruler?

England. He was king of England.

What was King James I of England famous for?

He was already James VI of Scots when he took the crown of England and was the first monarch to rule the Kingdoms of Scotland and England (union of the crowns). He also authorised the King James version of the Bible.

Who was the first person to rule the UK?

King James 1st of England and James V1 of Scotland

What king united England?

England became unified under the rule of King Æthelstan and his predecessors.

Why the king dose not rule over England?

England is a democracy and not a monarchy

How long did King James the first rule England for?

James I ruled from 1603-1625 (justunder 22 years).

Did Spain ever rule England?

Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first queen, was Spanish. She, however, did not rule England in the strictest sense of the word. Henry was king and, therefore, the ruler. Mary, Henry and Katherine's daughter, married Philip of Spain. She was Queen of England but Philip did not have an English royal title. He did not rule England.

Who was the King of England in 1642?

King Charles I was the king of England in 1642. The English Civil War was beginning in which Parliament challenged the king's authority to rule.

What year did the football offside rule change in England?


Has there always been a king or queen of England?

No, for example during the rule of Oliver Cromwell there was no king or queen of England.

Was William the Conqueror the first foreign English king?

No. Canute, a Viking, was the probably the first foreigner to rule the whole of England and he ruled from 1016-1035.

When was King John of England sent to rule over Ireland?

king john was sent in 1186 to rule over Ireland

What country did King John 1 rule?


What king ruled in 1900 England?

None. England was under the rule of Queen Victoria in 1900.

The second Stuart king to rule England?

James the 2nd

In which country did King John rule as absolute ruler?


When did king Harold rule England?

For a few months in 1066.

Does a king and queen or queen rule England?

Yes, either a king or a queen rule Great Britain. However, the country is governed by a Prime Minister.