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The first jockey to win the Kentucky Derby was Oliver Lewis.

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Q: Who was the first jockey to win the Kentucky Derby?
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Who was the first female jockey to win the Kentucky Derby?

No female jockey has ever finished better than 11th in Kentucky Derby.

What year did the first black jockey win the Kentucky Derby?

1875, when Oliver Lewis won the first ever Kentucky Derby.

Why should you know about Oliver Lewis?

He was the first jockey to win the Kentucky Derby.

What horse won the 137th Kentucky Derby in 2011?

Animal Kingdom won the 137th Kentuky Derby. John Velazquez was the jockey. It was his first Kentucky Derby win.

Who was the oldest jockey to win the Kentucky Derby?

William Shoemaker

How much does the jockey win at the Kentucky Derby?

The winning jockey get a percentage of whatever the owner gets. It was around $140,000 in the 2010 race.

The first African American Jockey to win 3 Kentucky Derby's?

Isaac Murphy was not only the first African American jockey to win the Kentucky Derby three times, he was the first jockey of any race to accomplish this feat. Murphy was inducted into the United States Racing Hall of Fame in 1955.

Who was the 2002 Kentucky Derby winner?

Jockey Victor Espinosa rode 'War Emblem' to win the 2002 Kentucky Derby.

Who was the 1991 Kentucky Derby winner?

Jockey Chris Antley rode Strike the Gold to win the 1991 Kentucky Derby

Which horse won the Kentucky Derby in 1876?

The 1876 Kentucky Derby winner was Vagrant. He was ridden by jockey Bobby Swim and trained by James Williams. Vagrant was the first gelding to win the Derby.

Who was the winning horse in 1998 Kentucky Derby?

Jockey Kent Desormeaux rode 'Real Quiet' to win the 1998 Kentucky Derby.

Who won the Kentucky Derby in 1900?

Jockey Jimmy Boland rode horse 'Lieutenant Gibson' to win the 1900 Kentucky Derby.

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