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Englands first 'goalkeeper' soccer captain, was alexander morten who captained england against Scotland in 1873

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Q: Who was the first goalkeeper to captain the England Football team?
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Who was the first captain in England football?

the 1st captain was mantina spencers

Who was first England goalkeeper?

The first goalkeeper was Andrew Vartell in 200AD

Name England football team's first black captain?

Paul ince

Who is the current goalkeeper for the Dublin football team?

Stephen Cluxton is the Dublin first choice goalkeeper for 2013.

Who is the first goalkeeper to score a goal?

Tony Roberts of Dagenham & Redbridge (England) and Wales national team was the first goalkeeper to score an FA CUP GOAL.. the first goalkeeper to score any goal is unknown.

Who was the England football captain before Tony Adams?

Adams was preceded by Paul Ince, and succeeded by David Beckham as England Captain (though Martin Keown had one game as captain between Adams' last game and Beckham's first game as Captain)

Who is the goalie for the England football team?

Robert Green who plays for West Ham United is the first choice Goalkeeper for England, whilst Joe Hart and David James are the two substitute Goal Keepers.

What was surname of the first English goalkeeper to win a full cap for England while playing domestic football at a scottish club?

try chris woods for 110 quizmail

Who is the first to score goal in world cup football 2010 as captain?

It was Steven Gerrard of England in the 4th minute the fastest.

Where was football first thought of?

Football was first invented in England.

Who was England's first choice goalkeeper in the 2002 world cup?

I think it is Paul Robinson.

When did the first ever football goalkeeper start wearing goalie gloves?

because for more grip

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