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luthar blisset

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Q: Who was the first footballer to cost 2 million pounds?
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Which footballer has cost most in transfers?

The costliest footballer in history, is Christiano Ronaldo , who was transfered for 80 million pounds.

Who was the first british footballer to cost 2 million pounds between clubs?

I believe it was Paul Gascoigne, who went from Newcastle to Tottenham in 1988.

How much did it cost to build the first car?

about 10 million pounds

Which player first cost Sunderland one million pounds?

Stan Cummins

Who was the first football player to cost 1 million pounds?

The first million pound football transfer was Trevor Francis, from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest.

How much does machester cost?

it cost 400 million pounds

How much does Cornstarch Cost in the us?

it cost 4000000000 million pounds

What was the cost of the titanic in pounds?

4.63535229 million British pounds

How much did players at Manchester united cost to buy?

They come in various rates for example Nani and Carrick cost 17 million each while Berbatov Manchester 30.75 million pounds Tevez cost was 32 million pounds.

How much did it cost to build Caernarfon Castle?

It cost King Edward the first of England £27,000 which is like £35 million pounds in today's money.

How much does a Lamborghini Aventador cost in pounds?

It will cost around 1.75 million

If it cost 1 million pounds how much us dollars does it cost?

Around $1.5 million as of 10th May, 2009.

How much does Wayne Rooney cost?

50 million pounds

How much does it cost to buy a mcdonalds?

10 million pounds

How Much Does David Villa Cost?

80 million pounds

How much does the queen's crown cost?

4 million pounds

How much does a Maybach Excel cost?

4 Million Pounds

How much does beach Replenishment cost?

about 2 million pounds

How much does it cost to replace pistons on a mustang?

A million pounds.

How much does in cost to build a museum?

50 million pounds

How much does One Direction cost?

14 million pounds each

How much does Gareth Bale cost?

$40-$50 million pounds

How much does Robin Van Persie's house cost?

It may cost roughly 2 million pounds.

How much do marinas cost?

Building a medium-sized marina would cost several million pounds.

Was the cost of the London tower bridge at budget?

There doesn't appear to be any info about whether it was over budget or not. The total construction cost was 1.184 million pounds in 1894 when it opened, (100 million pounds at todays prices).