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Megan Nicole Smith

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Q: Who was the first female cheerleader?
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Who was the first black female cheerleader?

The first black female cheerleader was Vonceil Baker. She cheered for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1970's. Her sister joined the squad a year after she did.

Who was the first cheerleader in the world?

johnny campbell was the first cheerleader I think

What is the name of the first american cheerleader?

Johnny Campbell is the first american cheerleader.

Who was the first African American cheerleader?

the first african american cheerleader was gabby douglas

Who is the most famous female cheerleader?

Beth collier

What does cheerleader mean and what is its part of speech?

A cheerleader is a person, usually female, who tries to get fans to shout various encouragement to a sports team during the game - this is a person who leads the cheering. "Cheerleader" is a noun, as it is a person.

Who was the first female black cheerleader?

Two sisters were the first black cheerleaders. They cheered for the Dallas Cowboys. Their names are Vonceil and Vanessa Baker. Vonceil was the first and made the squad for the 1972-1973 season.

Why is the ideal cheerleader a female?

People think of the "ideal" cheerleader as a female, because it was females that started the sport. On terms of technicality, it may be easier for a female cheerleader to tumble because they phisically have less body to flip around. It may also be less complicated for girls to stunt. In terms of watching the sport ( college ), people like to watch girls in skimpy uniforms, for obvious reasons. actually that is false the first cheerleader was a male (Thomas Peebles was the first cheerleader) also males a normally better cheerleaders they have higher jumps better tumbling throw higher baskets that is why most colleges are co-ed the reason why the "ideal" cheerleader is a female is because people dont look at cheerleading as a competing sport they think its people at games running around saying cheers and they would rather look at a girl in a skirt then a males also most people have never even seen a real comp

Who was the first male cheerleader?

Johnny campbell

Which candy apple book was the first?

the accidental cheerleader

Who was the first African-American cheerleader?

the old lady

Who is the best female cheerleader ever?

gabby whittle! xx (individual may 2010) dauk eemmeerraallddss!! :)

Who was the first black Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

Sugar jones

Who was the first woman cheerleader?

Carlena Oshae Griffin/Cottingham

Who was the first black University of Kentucky cheerleader?

Jennifer Parks

Who was the first cheerleader?

suprisingly a guy, johnny Campbell in 1898

What is the plural of cheerleader?


Who is the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader female mascot?

Texie...after the original choreographer for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Texie Waterman.

Is Fergie a cheerleader?

She was a cheerleader when she was younger.

Can you get payed to be a cheerleader?

can you be payed to be a cheerleader or go to collage can you be payed to be a cheerleader or go to collage

How do you ask a cheerleader out?

when a cheerleader has got her uniform on ask her "would you happen to be a cheerleader"? also be yourself or be hot ... depending on the cheerleader

Where can cheerleader outfits be purchased?

Cheerleader outfits can be purchased from many online stores. Some of these stores are eBay, Amazon, Delights, First Cheer, Twenga, Sportserve and Escapade.

Is Hannah Montana a cheerleader?

She used to be a cheerleader

Was Jessica Simpson a cheerleader?

No, she was never a cheerleader.

When was The Cheerleader created?

The Cheerleader was created in 1974.