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The first ever Olympic winner, according to tradition, was Coerobus in 776BC. In 1896, the first modern Olympic games, the winners received a silver medal.

The gold medal wasn't used until the 1904 summer Olympics. There were 91 events, so 91 gold medalists - a list of the winners can be found in the related links.

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Q: Who was the first ever winner of an Olympic gold medal?
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Who is the world's youngest ever winner of an Olympic medal?

Nadia Comaneci

Who was the first Indian woman to win an olympic medal?

The first Indian woman to ever win an Olympic medal was Karnam Malleswari.

Has Samoa ever won an Olympic medal?

No athlete from the country of Samoa has won an Olympic medal. Samoa first participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games.

Has Canada ever won a gold Olympic medal in Canada?

Yes. As of 2010 Alexandre Bilodeau won the first ever Olympic gold medal for Canada on home soil. He competed in the Men's Moguls.

11 What country won their first Olympic gold medal ever?


Will second hand marijuana get into your system?

Canadian Ross Rebagliati was the first-ever winner of the Olympic gold medal for Giant Slalom snowboarding at 1998's Nagano Winter Olympics - and the first guy to have it temporarily revoked for having traces of marijuana in his system. He claimed it was second hand smoke from the parties he attended with the snowboard crowd. This was sustained by the Olympic committee and he was granted the medal. So apparently it is possible.

Who was the first person ever to win a gold medal at the olympic games?

James Connelly

In 1992 who became the first Israeli to ever win an Olympic medal?

Yael Arad

Who were the first Figure skaters at the Olympics?

The special figures contest was won by Russian Nikolai Panin, who gave his country its first ever Olympic gold medal. He remains the event's sole winner, as it was subsequently dropped from the program. Ice dance joined as a medal sport in 1976, after appearing as a demonstration event at Grenoble 1968.

Who was the first winner of the olympic swimming?

The first ever swimming event held in the modern Olympic Games was the 100 meter freestyle on April 11, 1896. The winner was Alfred Hajos of Hungary in a time of 1:22.2.

Who was the first winter olympic gold medalist?

Charles Jewtraw won the first ever Olympic winter gold medal in the 500 meter speed-skating.

Who won Australia's first ever Olympic gold medal and for what event?

i dont know but i think it was

What was the first ever olympic 100m sprint?

1896 Games in Athens. Frank Lane of the United States won the first ever Olympic heat in the 100 meters and Tom Burke of the United States won the first Olympic gold medal in the 100.

Has Afghanistan ever won an Olympic medal?

Yes, Afghanistan won its first and only Olympic medal at the 2008 Games in Beijing when Rohullah Nikpai won bronze in men's 58 kg taekwondo.

Olympic Medal winners of Madagascar?

As of the 2008 Games in Beijing, no athlete from Madagascar has ever won an Olympic medal.

What nation won the mens football gold medal at 2000 Olympics?

Cameroon. It was the first gold medal Cameroon had ever won at an Olympic Games.

Who was the first ever athlete to win an olympic gold medal?

the american athlete James B.Connolly 1896

Who won the first ever Olympic gold medal?

James Connolly of the United States. (Triple Jump)

Did Nepal ever won the gold medals in Olympic?

HighlightsNepal were first represented by four boxers and two marathon runners at the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games. They have yet to win an Olympic medal, although Tejbir BURA did win a gold medal in alpi

Who won the first ever modern gold medal?

valerie adams . No! Wrong answer. Valerie Adams is a shot putter from New Zealand and was not the first person to win Gold Medal. The first person , ever, to win the Gold Medal was Leonidas Pyrgos of Greece. He won the medal in Fencing at the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens.

Had South American every won a winter Olympic medal?

No South American country has ever won a winter Olympic medal.

Did Malta ever win any Olympic medals?

No. As of the 2008 Games, no athlete from Malta has ever won an Olympic medal.

Did Baghdatis ever win an Olympic medal in tennis?

Marcos Baghdatis had no Olympic medals.

Did Zeina Shaban ever win an Olympic medal?

No. She was in the table-tennis women's singles in Beijing, but she went out in the first round.

Name the first Indian ever to win an individual gold medal in olympic games?

Abhinav Bindra, he won gold medal in 2007 Olympics in China in Shooting event.