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It was Emyln Hughes For England A Very Good Captain

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Q: Who was the first defender to captain England after Bobby Moore?
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The 1966 defender of the England world cup?

Bobby Moore.

Who is bobby Moore and what is his job?

Bobby Moore was the captain of England in the 1996 world cup.

Who was the best England captain?

It was Bobby Moore in 1966.

What cups did bobby Moore win?

Bobby Moore won the Jules Rimmet cup in 1966, as captain of England.

Who is best captain England has produced?

Bobby Moore is the best

What is Bobby Moore's exact position?

Bobby Moore was a central defender.

Which England football captain did not score a goal for England?

The player is Sir Bobby Moore.

Is Bobby Moore the captain in 1966?

Bobby Moore was the captain of the England team that won the 1966 FIFA World Cup.

What was Bobby Moore Famous for?

He was captain of England when they won the World Cup in 1966.

Who was the youngest England football captain since bobby Moore?

Is it David Beckham.

Who were the captain and manager when England won the world cup?

Alf Ramsey (coach) Bobby Moore (captain)

Who captained England 1966 World Cup?

The captain of England in the 1966 world cup is Sir Bobby Moore.