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I believe it was Paul Gascoigne, who went from Newcastle to Tottenham in 1988.

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Q: Who was the first british footballer to cost 2 million pounds between clubs?
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How many zeros are in 100 million British pounds?

100 million British pounds is £100,000,000

Which footballer has cost most in transfers?

The costliest footballer in history, is Christiano Ronaldo , who was transfered for 80 million pounds.

Who was the first English footballer to earn a million pounds?

Trevor Francis

Who was the first footballer to cost 2 million pounds?

luthar blisset

Who was the first footballer transferred between English clubs for a million pounds?

trevor francis. Signed by Brian Clough for Notts Forest

How many UK pounds in 7.5 million dollars?

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Who was the 1st scottish footballer transferred for one million pounds?

Duncan Fletcher

Who is the worlds most expensive footballer?

The most expensive footballer is Christiano Ronaldo , he was brought by Real Madrid for 80 million pounds.

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Whats the largest trasfer fee for a footballer?

Zinedine zidane 44 million pounds

Which black footballer was the first to be transferred for 1 million pounds?

It was evertons Kevin cambell.

Who was Britain's first two million pounds footballer?

Trevor Francis more information, I do not think Trevor Francis was involved in a single move for two million pounds. One million, yes and for more than two million throughout his career, yes, but not in one move. I think the answer is Mark Hughes (Manchester United to Barcelona) for any British player and then Andrew Cole (Newcastle United to Manchester United) for a move between two British clubs It was Paul Gascoigne Mark Hughes was sold for 2 million pounds in summer 1986, two years before Gascoigne was sold for 2.3 million, becoming the first British transfer for more than £2 million.

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Whose the richest football player?

The Richest Footballer is David Beckham with 100 million pounds.

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Gigi Lentini 13m first 10m+ player

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