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Buster Douglas

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Q: Who was the first boxer to beat Mike Tyson when he was the Heavy weight champion of the world?
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What famous boxer starts with mohammed?

Muhammad Ali is a famous boxer. He is the former heavy-weight boxing champion of the world.

Which boxer bit evander holyfield's ears in a fight at the world heavy weight championship?

mike tyson

Which boxer was not a world heavyweight champion?

Muhammond aliMike tyson

What important relationship does boxer Jack Johnson have?

Jack Johnson was the first black heavy weight champion of the world.

Is Joseph agbeko an heavy weight boxer?

Agbeko is the former world bantamweight champion.(118 pound limit)

Who was the first boxer to regain the world heavy weight title twice?

youngest was mike Tyson, and the firsrt to regain wasfloyd Patterson

Who are the four heavyheight champion boxer from KY?

ali ,mike tyson, gorge formen, and

Who is the former world heavyweight boxing champion who lost his daughter recently?

It is the boxer Mike Tyson.

What underdog boxer knocked out champion Mike Tyson 20 years ago today?

Buster Douglas via Bio. on Tyson in