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My idol, Serena Williams was the first black woman to win a major tennis championship.

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Q: Who was the first black woman to win a major tennis championship?
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Who was the first black tennis player to win a major men's singles championship?

arthur ashe

Who was the first Black American to win a major tennis title?

arthur ashe

Where did Tiger Woods win his first major Championship?

His first major championship was The Masters, in 1997.

Where in London are the international tennis championships held?

Tennis fans know how important every single major championship. Fans in and around London can enjoy the championship held at Wimbledon.

Who was the first to play tennis?

Tennis was first played by Major Walter C. Wingfeild

Who was the first African American woman to win a major tennis title?

The first African American woman to win a major tennis title was Althea Gibson

What was Taylor swifts first major hobby?


What PPV did Jeff Hardy win his first championship?

If you want to know his first championship it was with Matt hardy on raw they won the WCW Tag Team Championship but his first major championship was at Armageddon he won against Edge and Triple H for The WWE Championship

What is the oldest golf tournament played today?

The oldest major golf championship is The Open Championship which was first played on the 17th October 1860, and is the only major championship played outside of the USA.

Who first played tennis?

Major Harry Gem and his friend, Agurio Perera first played lawn tennis in the late 1800's.

Which year did Greg Norman win his first major?

Greg Norman's first major championship was the 1986 British Open.

How old was Anna kournikova when she won her first Wimbledon?

She never won there. In fact Anna never won a major championship in tennis except doubles when she was paired with Martina HIngis, who at the time was the number one rated female tennis player in the world. Anna is famous because she is hot.

In 1968 5 major US Tennis Championships consolidated into what prestigious tournament?

The U.S. National Singles Championship, U.S. Women's National Singles Championship, U.S. Women's National Doubles Championship, U.S. Mixed Doubles Championship, and U.S. National Men's Doubles Championship consolidated in 1968 into the U.S. Open.

How old was Tiger Woods when he won his first major?

In 1997, at the age of 21, Tiger won his first major championship, The Masters.

When did south Africa win its first major soccer championship?


When did the Australian opens tennis tournaments begin?

The tournament was first held in 1905 as the Australasian Championships. It became the Australian Championships in 1927, and went on to become known as the Australian Open in 1969. It was designated as a "major" championship in 1924.

Did padraig harrington ever win a major with Tiger Woods in the field?

Tiger finished tied for 12th in the 2007 Open Championship. This was Padraig's first major championship win.

Who was the first black head coach in the NBA?

Bill Russell the first African-American to coach a major league professional sports team. The next season he became the first African-American coach to win an NBA championship.

When did Tiger Woods win his F IRST golfing major tournament?

He won the 1997 Masters, this was his first major championship.

Oldest player to win there first major tennis grand slam?

andy murray

Which major golf championship does the claret jug refer to?

The Open Championship or British Open Championship. One of golf's 4 major championships.

Whitch female player won the most major tennis championship?

Margreet Court: Before Open Era Steffi Graf: Open Era

How old is Andre Agassi when he won his first championship?

Andre Agassi won his first professional tournament in Argentina at the age of 17. He won his first major championship at age 22, when he won Wimbledon in 1992.

Which male tennis player has won the most major championships?

Roger Federer. He has 15 grand slam championship wins. The previous record was held by Pete Sampras @ 14.

What does ATP means in tennis?

Science Major: Association of Tennis Professionals

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