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Q: Who was the first black player to play for sheffield Wednesday?
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Who was the first football club?

sheffield Wednesday

First black everton player?

First player 2000's was Joseph Yobo1966Mike Trebilcock was the first black player to score in an FA Cup final, scoring two goals for Everton in the 3-2 defeat of Sheffield Wednesday in 1966. This turned out to be the first final where the losing team also acknowledged the crowd with a lap of honour. Sheffield Wednesday were leading 2-0 midway through the second half, eventually losing 3-2 to an Everton onslaught.

Why is sheffield Wednesday called sheffield Wednesday?

The Wednesday, as they were at first called, originated in Sheffield and began life as the Wedensday Cricket Club - Wednesday being the day they met to play cricket, because that was the day that the craftsmen who were members of the club worked for half the day only. They began playing football as a means to keeping fit outside the cricket season and presumably found that they were rather good at it because they began competing in the game as the Wednesday Football Club, eventually changing their name to the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club in 1929.

What is the world's first football club in football history?

In England, It was Sheffield City but it's finished now. It changed it's name to Sheffield Wednesday or Sheffield United. I'm not sure what was the world's first football club

Steven Gerrard score his first goal against?

Steven Gerrard scored his first goal against Sheffield Wednesday.

What is a famous person with the first name O'niel?

O Neill Donaldson played football for Sheffield Wednesday during the 1990s

What position did sheffield Wednesday finish in there first season of the premiership?

Sheffield Wednesday's final standing after 1992/1993 Premier League season Pos - 7th Pld - 42 Pts - 59 Won - 15 Drn - 14 Lst - 13 GD - 22

Who won the English premier league in 1902?

In 1902, the premier league was known as division one. The first division cahmpions of the 1901-02 season were Sunderland. The first division champions of the 1902-03 season were Sheffield Wednesday, KNown at the time as, The Wednesday.

First black tennis player?

Arthur Ashe is the first black tennis player.

Who was the first American to play in the Premiership?

Two Americans played in the inaugural 1992/93 Premier League; John Harkes for Sheffield Wednesday and Roy Wegerle for Coventry City.

Who was the first black player to get drafted in the NBA?

Earl Lloyd was first black NBA player, Chuck Cooper was the first black player to be drafted, and Nat Clifton was the first black player to sign a contract with an NBA team.

Who was the first player to score a goal in a premiership match?

Brian Deane, for Sheffield United vs. Manchester United.

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