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bill willis

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Q: Who was the first black player on the Cleveland Browns football team?
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What was the first nfl team to draft a black player?

Cleveland browns

What was the name of the first colored person on the Cleveland Browns?

Bill Willis (Ohio State) in 1946 was the first black player for the Cleveland Browns as best as memory serves me. The Browns were a dominating member of the old AAFC at the time, later joining the NFL.

Who is the black football player in the sprint commercial?

An actor, not a real football player

What nfl team has black and orange colors?

The Cleveland Browns use brown, orange and white as their team colors.

Who was the first black football player to play football in the Michigan?

your racist.

Is sanders the football player black?


Who is better browns or steelers?

I think the Browns are better cause they have cool jerseys that are black instead of brown and they have Colt McCoy and their from Cleveland in Ohio. And they've never won any championships.

Who was the first black player to play for the Cleveland Indians?

Larry Doby

Who was the first black football player?

Fritz Pollard

Which football player is nicknamed Black Pearl?


Who was the black person to played football?

That is one screwed up question, do you mean 'Who was the first black person to play football?' Well, I'd say it was Jim Brown who played for the Bears and Browns.

First black football player?

There were a couple that joined the NFL in 1946. This included Bill Willis (Browns), Marion Motley (Browns), Kenny Washington (LA Rams), and Woody Strode. Out of these four, Kenny Washington was the first to sign an NFL contract to join a team

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