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Wade Houston at Tennessee in 1989.

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Q: Who was the first black head coach in SEC basketball history?
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Who was the first African American basketball coach?

Bill Russell was the first black NBA coach.

Who was the first black basketball coach in the SEC?

Nolan Richardson

Who was the first black head coach in NFL history?

fritz pollard

Who was the first black coach in Boston Red Sox history?

Tommy Harper

Who was the first black head coach for the NFL what year?

Fritz Pollard of the 1921 Akron Pros is considered the first black head coach in the history of the National Football League.

First black AFL coach?

Who was the first indigenous coach?

Who was the first coach of the first basketball game in 1891?

james Naismith?

Who sank the first 3 point field goal in the history of professional basketball?

Former Philadelphia 76ers Interim Coach, Chris Ford

Who is Natalie nakase?

Coach of the Saitama Broncos, a professional basketball team in Japan. She is the first female to coach a professional men's basketball team.

Who is the worst basketball coach in history?

Alex Compton, head coach of the Alaska Aces in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), is considered the worst basketball coach in history. After leading his team to a 3-0 lead in the 2016 Philippine Cup best of seven finals he allowed their opponent, San Miguel, to win 4 straight games to win the championship; thus earning Alaska the dubious title of being the first team in basketball history to lose a best of seven finals series after leading it 3-0.

What basketball coach did Larry Bird have in High School?

While basketball player was in High School is first coach was Jim Jones. Later Jones left to coach elsewhere.

Who was the first basketball coach?

James Naismith The creator the game

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