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Q: Who was the first black female volleyball player to go to the Olympics?
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Who is the 1st black female tennis player?

the first black tennis player was Althea Gibson.

What was Flo Hyman black history volleyball player childhood like?

She wanted to be a volley ball player and made her dream come true

Who was the first black female tennis player?


Who was the first black volleyball player?

kelli warren. and first white; Madison fortune

Female black tennis player in the 80's?


Who is the 1st black female football player?

The first black female football player of note was Yvonne Badleo who left Crystal Palace for AC Milan in 1982. Has anyone heard any news about her since that move?

Who is the top black female tennis player?

Venus or Serena Williams.

Who was the first black female professional basketball player?

Sheryl Swoopes

First black female all-American basketball player?


Who was the female black cello player on the Monique show?

Her name is Rashida Jolley

Which women volleyball team have black and green colours in the NCAA women volleyball?


What are Wilma Rudolph's accomplishments?

Wilma Rodolph was a black female athlete from the us.A , even with polio of the legs she won several medals in running. at the olympics.

Who is a black female soccer player?

Briana Scurry, goaltender for the US Women's soccer team.

Who is Hilda in Pokemon Black or White?

Hilda is the female player character, and Hilbert is the male playable character.

Who was the first black female secretary of Labor?

No female Secretary of Labor was black and no black female cabinet member was Secretary of Labor.

What do the officials in volleyball wear?

black pants, white shirt

What do you call a female black bear?

a female black bear

What injury can one get by playing volleyball?

You can get a lot of injuries from playing volleyball. I've been playing volleyball a lot over the years. I dislocated my knee, jammed my finger pretty badly, gotten a black eye from a volleyball hitting my face, twisted my ankle and pulled my thigh muscle while playing volleyball.

What is a black sow?

a sow is a female pig! so a black sow is a black female pig! wow...

Can a server step on black line in volleyball?

Yes and then lob it.

What do black widow spiders look like?

The female and male both are black but the female has a red dot on the bottom part of the female Black Widow Spider.

Why are blue yellow black green and red Olympic colours?

The colours blue, yellow, black, green, and red are in the Olympics because they symbolize the nature in Olympics.

Did any black female run for President?

No there was no black female run for President.

What does a libero player do in volleyball?

The libero specializes in defense. They wear a different color jersey than the rest of the team and they cannot rotate to the front row. Usually the libero will go in for the middle blocker on the black row.

Is volleyball good for your knees?

Volleyball is not good for your knees but its not necisarily bad for them either. Usually, volleyball players wear knee pads for protection, but without them, yes it would be bad. Volleyball is actually bad for your ankles. If you've ever seen volleyball players with black or gray braces on their ankle, it's because when they land, they unsettle the ankle bone and criteria.