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Larry Brown led seven NBA teams (Nuggets, Nets, Spurs, Clippers, Pacers, 76ers and Pistons) to the NBA Playoffs.

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Q: Who was the first basketball coach to lead seven NBA teams to the playoffs?
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Who is the worst basketball coach in history?

Alex Compton, head coach of the Alaska Aces in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), is considered the worst basketball coach in history. After leading his team to a 3-0 lead in the 2016 Philippine Cup best of seven finals he allowed their opponent, San Miguel, to win 4 straight games to win the championship; thus earning Alaska the dubious title of being the first team in basketball history to lose a best of seven finals series after leading it 3-0.

When did the NBA extend the playoffs series?

First round series' of the NBA Playoffs changed from best of five to best of seven starting in 2003.

Who is John Wooden?

John Wooden is an American basketball player and coach. As head coach at UCLA he won ten NCAA national championships in 12 years. Seven of which were in a row.

How many games are played in the NHL playoffs first round?

each of the four rounds in the playoffs is a "best of seven series." the first team to win four games advances to the next round.

Why did the cowboys miss the playoffs?

They lost seven of their first eight games, and never recovered from the bad start.

Are the NBA playoffs best of seven?


Are major league playoff series best of 5 or best of seven?

Divisional Series games (as in the games in the first round of the Playoffs) are best of 5.Championship Series and World Series games (as in the games in the second round of the Playoffs and in the last round of the Playoffs) are best of 7.

How many people was involved in basketball?

seven personels are involve in basketball

How much players on a basketball team?


Has any nfl team ever gone to playoffs with a 1-6 record?

Yes. The 1970 Cincinnati Bengals rebounded from a 1-6 record to win their last seven games and qualify for the AFC playoffs. They lost in the first round of the playoffs to John Unitas and the Baltimore Colts, who went on to win Super Bowl V.

What three NBA teams have won the playoffs seven times?

Lakers, Celtics, Chicago.

How many times have the New York Giants made the playoffs since 2000?

From 2000 through the 2012 season, the NY Giants made the playoffs seven times.

What does Seven shots in the paint mean?

Seven shots in the paint means, seven shots on the basketball court.

Which NCAA football coach has the most wins in his first seven seasons?

George Woodruff (Penn) 1892-1898 Record--82-5

How many games is the NBA finals?

The NBA playoffs are played "best out of seven". For instance, the Celtics may win the first three games of the playoffs, but if the Lakers win the fourth game, the playoff continues until the Celtics win another game or unless the Lakers win the final three. There will be seven games max and four games minimum.

Who has the most hat tricks in the playoffs in the history of the Montreal Canadiens?

Maurice "The Rocket" Richard does with seven.

Who is the all-time winningest NCAA basketball coach?

Pat Summitt University of Tennessee Woman's Basketball coach with 952 wins. She passed Dean Smith in 2004-2005 season when she got her 880th win. As of March 2007 Bobby Knight was in second with 890 wins. Pat Summitt has been the head women's basketball coach at Tennessee since 1974. Her overall college coaching record is 953-180 (as of Dec-02-2007). Her first seven years (175-48) were under the aegis of the AIWA, not the NCAA. Her NCAA record is 778-132. Bobby Knight's overall NCAA coaching record is 895-363 (Dec 02-2007). I hope this clarifies the issue.

How many rings did Pat Riley earn as a coach and player?

He won a total of seven. He won five as a coach and two as a player.

What is the value of a Ricky Pierce basketball card?

twenty seven

Does every round in the nba playoffs go up to seven games?

Yes. No unless the series is even at 3-3 then game seven is the tiebreaker.

How many inches tall is a 7 foot basketball player?

A seven foot basketball player is 84 inches

What is the record overtime in college basketball history?

Seven 1n 1981

What is the prefect weight for a seven foot basketball player?

IMHO about 260

How many national championships do the Ohio State Buckeyes have in basketball?


Howy many national titles has Kentucky won in basketball?