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the first ball player to be paid one hundrd thousand dollars per year was hank greenberg

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Q: Who was the first baseball player to earn one hundred thousand dollars a year?
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What Major League baseball player was the first to receive one hundred thousand dollars as a bonus?

In 1951, baseball star Paul Pettit received as a bonus $100,000. He was the first MLB player to receive such a large bonus.

First baseball player to earn one hundred thousand dollars a year?

The first player in major league history to earn $100,000 a year was Joe DiMaggio. He signed this contract in 1949.

Who was the first one hundred thousand dollar a year baseball player?

Willie Mays.

Witch team makes the most money?

if youre talking about an individual player it ranges from a few hundred thousand to upwards of 30 million dollars a year

How much is the average price of CDJ?

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What is the average salary of a pro basketball player?

American pro basketball players have the highest average salary in American professional sports. Their average salary is 5.15 million dollars per year.

What is the pay for winning the Super Bowl?

A hundred thousand per player

In the 1930's what baseball player signed a two year contract with the New York Yankees for the huge sum of eighty thousand dollars?

Babe Ruth

Did Russell win one hundred thousand dollars on survivor?

Yes. He won the prize for being the audience's favorite survivor player. He actually won a total of $200,000 ($100,000 for runner-up and $100,000 for audience favorite).

What is the average salary of an indoor football league player?

three thousand dollars in cash.

How much does the highest paid soccer player earn in south Africa?

Two hundred thousand

What famed baseball player and manager was sued by a bookie for ninety two thousand dollars in unpaid losses and lost at least two managerial jobs because of his heavy betting?

Rogers Hornsby

What was the average salary of an NFL player in 1965?

The salary of an average NFL player has exploded in recent history. In 1965, the average was 35 thousand dollars compared to the millions that today's players make.

Average salary of NFL player?

The salary of NFL players vary depending on their experience, and how good of a player they are. Salaries can vary from several thousand dollars annually, to several million dollars.

Who is the heaviest baseball player in the world?

really the heaviest baseball player is Walter Young who clocks in at three-hundred fifteen pounds!

How much does a tennis player get paid?

It depends on how many tournaments the player wins, and how high the player got in a tournament (if the player didn't win). This could mean a paycheck from just a thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Does a NBA player make more money than a NFL player?

Yes, on average, an NBA player makes about 5 million dollars a year. An NFL player however, makes only 770 thousand dollars a year on average.

How much money does a female professional basketball player make a year?

one thousand dollars

How much is 1927 Babe Ruth baseball card worth?

5 thousand dollars because he was the best player ever in history bo ya peoples see ya love ya all

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Chances of becoming a professional baseball player?

One in a thousand, if you already play

Who was the first player in baseball to make 100000 dollars?

Albert Belle

What is the average salary for a minor league baseball player?

about 1000 dollars

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