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Women's Program: Women Kick-off Fall Competitive Season Carly Janiga, Marcia Newby and Liz Tricase started the fall competitive season off with a World Cup competition in La Serena, Chile. Desert Devil's Carly Janiga was the big winner for the U.S. Women as the World Cup Copa La Serena competition concluded in La Serena, Chile. Following the "Winner's Finals" where the top 3 qualifiers from the semi-final round face-off, Janiga took 1st place on both VT and FX, and added a second place finish on BB. Marica Newby of Excalibur Gymnastics took 2nd on VT and 3rd on FX, while Illinois Gymnastics Institute's Liz Tricase added a 3rd place finish on UB. Results VT 1 - Carly Janiga (USA) 9.200 2 - Marcia Newby (USA) 8.950 3 - Merly DeJesus (UBRA) 8.6620 UB 1 - Laura Van Leeuven (NED) 9.370 2 - Daniele Hypoilito (UBRA) 9.000 3 - Elizabeth Tricase (USA) 8.650 BB 1 - Zuzana Sekerova (SLO) 9.000 2 - Carly Janiga (USA) 8.5250 3 - Daniele Hypolito (BRA) 8.400 FX 1 - Carly Janiga (USA) 9.250 2 - Daniele Hypolito (BRA) 9.225 3 - Maria Newby (USA) 8.625

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Q: Who was the first athlete to win a championship in gymnastics?
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