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The first known player of Aboriginal descent to play at AFL level was Fitzroy's Joe Johnson, who played 55 games, including premierships in 1904 and 1905. In AFL history, only 148 players known to be of Aboriginal descent have played AFL football, but in 2005, there are 52 players of Aboriginal descent on AFL lists.

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Q: Who was the first aboriginal AFL player?
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Who was the first aboriginal to play football?

The first known player of Aboriginal descent to play at AFL level was Fitzroy's JoeJohnson, who played 55 games, including premierships in 1904 and 1905.

Who was the first aboriginal AFL player to kick 100 goals in a season?

Lance Franklin for Hawthorn. He kicked 113 goals in 2008.

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no. lol

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The first sport in Australia was an aboriginal game called marngrook. This was later adapted to become AFL, or Australian Rules Football, a very popular game today.

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the best player in afl is Garry ablet or chriss judd

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Evonne Goolagong is the first Aboriginal (Indigenous Australian) woman player who won the Wimbledon singles title in 1971 and 1980.

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