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Q: Who was the first WNBA hall of famer?
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Is Triple H a Hall of Famer?

No, he is not a Hall of Famer..yet.

What is the first name of hall of famer slaughter?


What year was Kim Perrot inducted into the WNBA Hall of Fame?

The WNBA did not induct her into the WNBA Hall of Fame

What are the benefits available to an NBA hall of famer?

You get the honor of being called a hall of famer

Which famous players wore number 16?

In Major League Baseball:The Chicago White Sox, for Hall of Famer Ted Lyons.The Detroit Tigers, for Hall of Famer Hal Newhouser.The New York Yankees, for Hall of Famer Whitey Ford.In the NFL:The Kansas City Chiefs, for Hall of Famer Len Dawson.The New York Giants, for Hall of Famer Frank Gifford.The San Francisco 49ers, for Hall of Famer Joe Montana.In the NBA:The Boston Celtics, for Satch Sanders, a member of the Hall of Fame as a contributor to the sport.The Detroit Pistons and Milwaukee Bucks, both for Hall of Fame player Bob Lanier.The Golden State Warriors, for Al Attles.In the NHL:The Buffalo Sabres, for Hall of Famer Pat LaFontaine.The Los Angeles Kings, for Hall of Famer Marcel Dionne.The Montreal Canadiens, first for Hall of Famer Henri Richard and later for a second Hall of Famer, Elmer Lach.The Philadelphia Flyers, for Hall of Famer Bobby Clarke.The St. Louis Blues, for Hall of Famer Brett Hull.The Vancouver Canucks, for Trevor Linden.

Is WWE Booker t a hall of famer?

No. He is not a current hall of famer but will be a future one for sure

Which WWE hall of famer trained Triple H?

It was WWE Hall of famer Killer kowalski.OK!

Is undertaker a wwe hall of famer?

the undertaker is NOT a hall of famer. whenevr he retires he will probably be entered then

Is Tom Coughlin a future hall of famer?

With two Super Bowl wins, he is a future hall of famer.

Is Cody Bellinger a future Baseball Hall of Famer?

I believe Cody Bellinger will be a future hall of famer

Is the Rock in the Hall of Fame?

No the Rock is not a hall of famer

Who is a Chicago cub famous 31?

Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins and soon to be Hall of Famer Greg Maddux.

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