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Q: Who was the first Russian born Toronto Maple Leaf?
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Who was the first Maple Leaf player to score at Maple Leaf Gardens?

What is the top score hockey player on Toronto maple leafs

What is a Toronto Maple Leaf?

The maple leaf is a national symbol of Canada. Toronto has chosen it as the name of their NHL professional hockey team. Hence, a Toronto Maple Leaf is a hockey player.

Who is the best Toronto Maple Leaf goalie ever?

The best ever Toronto Maple Leaf goalie was Terry Sawchuk.

Who was the first Russian Toronto maple leaf player?

Alexander Mogilny (Past)Nikolai Kulemin (Present)Both are the only Russian Leafs to score 30- or more goals in a season.

What city do maple leaf represent?


What colour is the Toronto Maple Leaf?


How many hat tricks did Matt sundin have as a Toronto maple leaf?

He had 3 as a Maple Leaf.

Which Russian-born Toronto Maple Leaf player left town in disgrace after sleeping with a teammate's wife?

Shayne Corson

What is the logo for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

The logo for the Toronto Maple Leafs has always been a maple leaf. Usually it has the Toronto Maple Leafs written on it and the colour blue features heavily.

When did the Toronto Maple Leafs win their first Stanley cup?

They Toronto Maple Leafs first won the Stanley Cup as the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1932.The Toronto Hockey Club had also previously won the Stanley Cup in 1914, the Toronto Arenas won in 1918, and the Toronto St. Patricks won in 1922, all pre-cursors to the Maple Leaf franchise.

How many games did Toronto maple leaf's lose?


Who is the highest scoring Toronto Maple Leaf?

clarke MacArthur

Will the WWE return to maple leaf gardens in Toronto?

Definitely not

Who were the first 2 teams to play in the maple leaf gardens?

Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago won 2-1.

What was the first nhl arena to replace the wire fencing with unbreakable glass?

Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto

How many years did Toronto maple leafts play at maple leaf garens?

20 years

Where did the Toronto Maple Leafs play before the Air Canada Centre?

Maple Leaf Gardens.

Who was the last guy to win the Stanley cup on the Toronto Maple Leaf's as captain?

George Armstrong was the captain of the last Toronto Maple Leaf team to win the Stanley Cup (1967).

Who had the most points as a Toronto maple leaf ever?

mats sundin

How old is the Toronto maple leaf franchise?

93 years old.

Who was the player on the Toronto maple leaf team in 1967?

The Big M

Who was the first Toronto Maple Leaf to wear a helmet?

In the 1930s, the Toronto Maple Leaf players were ordered to add helmets to their equipment. A few minutes into the first game with the new helmets, King Clancy flung his helmet off. Shortly thereafter the other Leafs followed suit.

Where can you purchase Maple Leaf Foods Mince Meat in the Toronto Ontario Canada area?

You can't. I just called Maple Leaf Foods and they have discontinued it

Why is the spelling of the hockey team The Toronto Maple Leaf unusual?

The standard plural of leaf is leaves, not leafs.

Who is the highest scoring Toronto Maple Leaf of all time?

Mats Sundin